Our Key Values

If you’re looking for a real community of well-rounded people who are doing interesting work, including entrepreneurs, developers, designers, artists, and academics, that like to play hard then Outsite might be the place for you.

At Outsite, we have 4 core values.

Home Sharing
Home sharing is nothing new and we’ve all shared living spaces at college, in hostels or Airbnb’s when travelling. At Outsite we have decided to enhance that shared living experience and adapt it to professionals. Unique properties, comfortable accommodations and like-minded people are just some of the things that make Outsite unique.

Remote Work
We’ve learned that you don’t need to sit in an office from 9 to 5 to be productive or ambitious. New technologies and flexible employers are now allowing much of our work to be done remotely.

Work/Life Balance
We believe that people are more productive in a serene environment. Whether in cities, coastal towns or high in the mountains, our spaces are located in places where you’ll find a balance between work and play. All our properties have a quiet and work driven atomosphere during the week, but have activities and community events on weekends, as well as many opportunities to explore and play anytime.

Our locations are close to nature so we feel we play an important role in keeping it beautiful for everyone to experience – including future generations. We provide bikes and most of our guests use car sharing services or public transportation. Our coffee, tea and condiments are always organic and we are proud to partner with Patagonia Provisions, a leader in sustainably sourced foods.

Our Team and Advisors

Emmanuel image

Outsite CEO, who wanted to combine his passion for the ocean with his everyday lifestyle. Emmanuel is always looking for the best new places for Outsite.

Liz Image

Our COO, making sure Outsite operations and logistics run like clockwork in all of our locations - whether you're in Bali or Brooklyn.

Stijn Image

An all-round developer and excellent problem solver, Stijn helps us with the website and all things technical.

Dani Image

A talented Chilean designer and true digital nomad, Dani manages location design and handpicks the interiors of all Outsite properties.

Britt Image

Ocean enthusiast and aspiring homesteader Britt manages our Santa Cruz and San Francisco locations.

Rebecca Image

Our Head of Community - the one operating the marketing, events and content at Outsite.

Josh Image

Head of Business Development at Outsite, San Francisco local and passionate about the remote revolution.

Matthiew Image

Head of European Expansion at Outsite - usually found trying to get to the waves in his hometown, Ericeira.

Lindsay Image

You'll know Lindsey if you've passed through San Diego - she's our location manager, and manages Reservations too.

Christina Image

Christina heads up our Venice Community, as well as supporting us with project and design work!

Brandon Image

Brandon lives the true digital nomad life, jetting between home in L.A and everywhere else to find new Outsite locations.

Pieter Image

Pieter is the founder of NomadList and RemoteOK, as well as an Outsite advisor.

Pieter - Advisor
Laszlo Image

An architect by trade with a resume spanning some of the world’s most creative brands and campuses (including Google & Nike).

László - Advisor
Leo Image

Co-founder of social media management company, Buffer, Leo pioneered Buffer's evolution to a 100% remote work company.

Leo - Advisor
Amir Image

Amir is the founder of Canopy (co-working space), founder of M-PROJECTS, an avid art collector, and advisor to the Outsite team.

Amir - Advisor

Our Partners

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