Outsite is a global network of coliving spaces for location flexible professionals.

Outsite is a global network of coliving spaces for location flexible professionals.

Who are we?

Outsite was founded in 2015 to serve a new kind of traveller looking to integrate their life and their work. From the simple seed of an idea - to live and work in beautiful locations - Outsite was born.

Outsite offers flexible living arrangements, community on your terms, and a beautiful home at an affordable price - whether you're down the street or across the globe.

Currently, Outsite has 17 spaces in locations both in the USA and internationally, ranging from jungle villas and beachfront apartments to mountain hideaways and urban homes-from-home.

To best serve our customers, each Outsite features the right amenities and design to make each stay as productive, restorative, social, or fun as you desire.

Ways to Experience Outsite

Outsite Membership

Members save money on all stays and receive exclusive perks and last minute deals at Outsite locations worldwide.

Book a Stay

Book a stay at any Outsite location like you would any other accommodation.

Outsite Retreats

Book an entire Outsite location for a team retreat or group gathering.

How it works

New to the world of coliving and location independence? Here's the drill.


Also known as 'Home Sharing', coliving can be loosely defined as shared living space that improves quality-of-life for its residents. By allowing residents to pool resources, coliving can facilitate greater comfort, lower cost, and a strong sense of social belonging. The rise of the sharing economy and a growing demand for "access over ownership" has recently pushed the coliving movement into the mainstream.


Coworking refers to people working together in a shared space, often with different projects or companies. Similar to coliving, coworking is enabled by pooling resources between people to create workspace that is both productive and less expensive for all, without making the sacrifices made by people who work from home or cafes.

Location Independent / Location Flexible

Location independence refers to the degree to which one's professional life tethers them to a particular physical place. Most leverage mobile technology to allow them to work outside a traditional office. Location independent/flexible people are often entrepreneurs or freelancers, but a fast-growing set of companies are building distributed teams of location independent people as well.

Digital Nomad

Digital nomad is the most common term for location independent people who choose to be nomadic- that is, to travel often rather than having a steady home. Often these people work in fields that can be managed with just a laptop and a phone.

Meet the Outsite Team

Our team is global and remote. Though some are full-time nomads and others are more stationary, we all share a passion for flexibility in both life and work.








Head of Design


Project Manager


Head of Community


Head of Business Development


Head of European Expansion


Location Manager


Community Manager


Expansion Manager









Our Values

Four key values drive the work we do here.

Home Sharing

Home sharing is nothing new and we’ve all shared living spaces at college, in hostels or AirBnB’s when travelling. At Outsite we have decided to enhance that shared living experience and adapt it to professionals. Unique properties, comfortable accommodations and like-minded people are just some of the things that make Outsite unique.

Work-Life Balance

We believe that people are more productive in a serene environment. Whether in cities, coastal towns or high in the mountains, our spaces are located in places where you’ll find a balance between work and play. All our properties have a quiet and work driven atmosphere during the week, but have activities and community events on weekends, as well as many opportunities to explore and play anytime.

Remote Work

We’ve learned that you don’t need to sit in an office from 9 to 5 to be productive or ambitious. New technologies and flexible employers are now allowing much of our work to be done remotely.


Our locations are close to nature so we feel we play an important role in keeping it beautiful for everyone to experience – including future generations. We provide bikes and most of our guests use car sharing services or public transportation. Our coffee, tea and condiments are always organic and we are proud to partner with Patagonia Provisions, a leader in sustainably sourced foods.

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