About Outsite

Coliving spaces, community, and services designed for remote professionals, freelancers and creatives.

What is Outsite?

Outsite was founded in 2015 to serve a new segment of location flexible professionals looking to integrate their life and their work.

From the simple seed of an idea - to live and work in beautiful locations surrounded by interesting people - Outsite was born.

Outsite’s mission is to create a world where everyone can design and live their best lives, with the freedom to live and work anywhere.

Outsite is a trusted platform dedicated to providing community, spaces and services for the remote work era.

The Outsite experience is threefold: we offer access to coliving/coworking spaces, a community of interesting people, and curated services to make the remote work lifestyle easier.

Outsite currently has 24 spaces in urban, coastal and alpine locations around the world.

To best serve our customers, each Outsite features the right amenities and design to make each stay as productive, restorative, social, or fun as you desire.

We envision a world where people have the freedom to live and work, anywhere.


Founded in Santa Cruz, California


Members from all over the world


Coliving Spaces over 3 continents

Our Values

These are the values that drive the work we do at Outsite. Read our Code of Conduct to see how our Values play out at Outsite.


Outsite creates open and supportive environments where you can form authentic relationships, find a sense of belonging, and truly integrate into a like-minded community. Open events, community managers and tight-knit local communities create the ideal platform for building your own personal network.


We are guided by a shared value system of mutual respect which promotes transparency, honest interactions and a safe environment. We are creating a network of trusted spaces, communities and people, open for new collaborations and connections.


The remote work revolution allows individuals to act in ways they haven’t previously believed to be possible. We aim to support and enable people to define their own way of life. We believe people are at their best when they can live life on their own terms.


Diversity allows us to develop more empathy and deeper connections. This is an inclusive community, built by and designed for people from a wide variety of different cultures and backgrounds.


We are building a resilient business, ready to adapt to a changing world. Each decision we make is made with our team, our customers, and our local communities in mind.

Slow Living

We support practices that sustain individuals, communities and economies, long term. By integrating into local communities, slow travel can become a sustainable endeavour, enjoyed by present and future generations.

Meet the Outsite Team

Our team is diverse, global and (almost) 100% remote.

Emmanuel 🇧🇪


Liz 🇵🇷


Stijn 🇧🇪


Dani 🇨🇱

Head of Design

Britt 🇺🇸

Project Manager

Rebecca 🇬🇧

Head of Content

Sebastiao 🇵🇹

Operations Manager - Portugal

Christina 🇺🇸

Head of Community

Brandon 🇺🇸

Expansion Manager

Jen 🇦🇺

Head of Guest Experience

Leo 🇦🇹


Amir 🇮🇷


Colin 🇨🇦

Head of Growth

Tamara 🇧🇷

Guest Services Support

Anthony 🇫🇷

Head of Expansion - Europe

Claire 🇫🇷


Lindsay 🇺🇸

Guest Services Support

Navah 🇬🇧

Community Lead

Anna 🇮🇹

Interior Designer

How does it work? 

Outsite offers a practical solution for remote professionals, freelancers and creatives looking to travel, work, and forge meaningful connections around the world. Currently, this includes coliving spaces, community, and services designed for remote professionals. Make sure to check out our guide for using Outsite to see how coliving can work for you.


Please send Press Enquiries to press@outsite.co.


In the News

Beyond work from home: Why ‘digital nomads’ think they’re the future of remote life
'Despite international travel limitations, Emmanuel Guisset’s start-up Outsite — which offers professionals co-living and co-working spaces around the world in locations including Hawaii, Mexico, Portugal, Bali and the U.S. West Coast — is betting that what is called the “digital nomad” lifestyle is bound for mass adoption in a post-Covid-19 world.'
Meet the digital nomads swapping office life for lockdown paradise
'While the dropshippers of Canggu and Chiang Mai in Thailand are profiteers, the digital nomads of Tulum are more like backpackers with MacBook Pros – spirit seekers with an entrepreneurial streak.'
Wired UK
The Rise of Wellness Co-Working Spaces
"Since 2016, the company has opened 24 spaces and welcomed 1,000 members to sites including East Williamsburg in New York, Venice Beach in Los Angeles, Tulum in Mexico and Santa Teresa in Costa Rica."
Well to Do


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