Outsite Mission

San Francisco, California
May 27 - June 29, 2020

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Outsite Mission


1000 Sanchez Boulevard
San Francisco California 90210


27 May 2020 after 4PM


29 June 2020 before 11AM


Only public street parking available.

Community Manager

Navah / 555-555-5555 / navah@outsite.co

Front Gate Code


Front Door Code


Entrance Instructions

The main entrance is on Pacific Avenue (Please make sure to let your Uber/Lyft know this!). Use the gate/front door code to enter.


Front Gate Code


Front Door Code


Room Name


Room Info

Located on the upper level.

Room Door Code



Confirmation Number


Amount Charged

$682.00 USD

Date Purchased

31 March 2020

Credit Card

•••• 1234





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Email reservations@outsite.co with date details and preferences.

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Email reservations@outsite.co with details.


There is one bike at this location located in front of the house. If you use the bike please use it safely and wear a helmet, but please know that you use at your own risk. The bike is monitored by cameras 24/7, if the bike is lost, misplaced, stolen or broken you will be responsible and charged for the repair and/or replacement of both the bike and the lock. The bike lock code is 24040. Please return the bike to its parking spot after use. If the bike is in need of maintenance please contact the Community Manager.

House Rules

1. CHECK-IN/CHECK-OUT: Check-in/check-out times are not flexible. If you have any questions or special requests please contact reservations@outsite.co
2. NO SHOES: Please leave shoes at the entrance.
3. NO SMOKING: Smoking is not allowed on the property, yes this includes balconies. Please smoke outside far away from the property.
4. NO EXTRA GUESTS: People other than those in your confirmed reservation may not visit or stay overnight in the property without prior authorization. You must not exceed the occupancy limit associated with the rental property or a fee will be assessed per extra guest per day/night.
5. ***NO NOISE AFTER 10:00 PM***:  You must not create excessive noise at a level that disturbs other guests or neighbors. Violation of this rule may result in immediate eviction. PLEASE KNOW THIS ALSO APPLIES TO THE USE OF THE COMMON AREAS: PLEASE DO NOT DO LAUNDRY OR USE THE KITCHEN AFTER 10:00 PM AND USE EARPHONES!
6. BE ORGANIZED: Please maintain the space orderly and clean and be conscientious of other guests. Common areas are professionally cleaned once a week, but there is no daily housekeeping service. We provide a monthly courtesy room cleaning for all reservations of 30 nights or more per request.
7. SECURITY: Please turn off all lights and appliances and close/lock all doors and windows at night and on your way out.
8. NO PETS: Pets are not allowed on the property without prior authorization.
9. PARKING: There's no parking available. Any illegally parked cars are subject to towing; applicable fines/towing fees are the sole responsibility of the vehicle owner.
10. GARBAGE: All full garbage bags must be placed in the proper garbage or recycling bins.
11. NO CANDLES: Please do not use candles, the use of candles in the property is prohibited.
12. FIREPLACE: Please do not use the fireplace. The house has central heating.
12. BBQ: Please use safely, turn off after use and know that you use at your own risk. Please read the BBQ instructions located at the property before use and ask the Community Manager if you have any questions.