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Airbnb vs. Outsite vs. Hotels vs. Hostels: Which is better for your next trip?

Travelling as a location flexible professional isn't as easy as it looks. Whether you're travelling for work, with work, or you're taking a break, this article will help you decide where to stay on your next trip.

For travellers, the place you stay can make or break your trip. Consider it carefully.

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With so many 'work-ready' spaces on AirBnB, coliving spaces cropping up here, there and everywhere, and hostels becoming more and more attentive to the digital nomad audience, accommodation is becoming a harder decision for many location flexible professionals. How do you know which one is better value for your trip?

We'd like to help you consider some of the most important factors for your next trip - whether it's a personal one, or a professional one.

What's the difference between coliving and a hotel?

Let's consider the little things that differentiate Outsite from the traditional hostel or hotel. The first, and most obvious difference, is the interactions you have when you travel.

We've all been there - making small talk with someone whom you have no interest in getting to know, asking what's your name, and where are you from every time you get to a new hostel, or perhaps you've visited a place having not met any locals - because you were cooped up in the hotel bar.

Let's compare to Outsite. Your first interaction will usually be with the house manager - a local who's ready to share tips on the location, as well as introduce you to other guests. Typically someone makes coffee in the morning, and maybe this is where you'll meet a new friend, or even a potential collaborator. You can also keep a low profile if you'd like some time alone, whilst keeping a watchful eye on the weekly events in the WhatsApp group.

You can still have this great experience with AirBnB, but there's no assurance that your host will be sociable, ready to hop out for a coffee, and connect you with the locals. With Outsite, community is a guarantee. A far cry from the eerie silence of hotel hallways, every Outsite and some Airbnb listings often come livened with the sound of laughter and the delicate “ping” of Facebook friends being added.

What's the difference between coliving and a hostel?

Of course, you'll find community in hostels, but it's hard to tell whether they're just there for the Happy Hour, or to keep their work life balance when on the road.

In Outsite, you'll find a curated community - people choose to stay in coliving spaces as they're visiting the location to keep a healthy work life balance, meet like-minded people, and discover a new place too. Sometimes there are a few glasses of wine and a night out, but there are also coworking days, networking events and a balanced approach to exercise. You'll often find guests heading to yoga, a workout class or simply making the most of remote work by heading outside for a morning surf.

Authenticity is an often overlooked feature - the authenticity of staying in a real home instead of a room mimicking a home. It’s the difference between staying at Outsite's beach villa where you can walk to the local hangout with your new friends, and staying on the 52nd floor of a building, taking a taxi to the museum, and having coffee in the lobby. AirBnB can be hit or miss - if you're renting out a room, it's hard to tell whether the property is being used as a cash cow, churning out bookings, or it's a well-designed space, built for location independent workers looking to live like a local, whilst working.

What's the difference between coliving and an AirBnB?

Consistency is another important factor. While Outsite doesn't have the large number of locations that Airbnb has (yet), Outsite offers consistency. When you book Outsite or a hotel, you know what you are getting - but when you book a hostel or Airbnb, it's often a toss up as to the cleanliness and comfort of your room. Who will the other guests be? How easy will the check-in process be if I arrive late?

Additionally, for workers on the go - it is rare to find a fully-equipped workspace in a hostel or Airbnb.

Work Ready: Because Work Can't Wait

Let's be real. How many times have you asked your AirBnB host about wifi quality only to end up being stuck working from a public library? Or laying in a bed for 9 hours straight with your laptop because the "desk" is really a glorified bed-side table?

Since Outsite locations are made for flexible professionals, wifi and a solid place to work are top priorities. A happy affect is that most others staying at Outsite are professionals looking for the same thing you are. You can probably guess at the collaborations, friendships, and projects that string from such as well.


There are 4 main factors that come into play when you're deciding on a place to stay as a remote worker: cost, community, workspace and location. Check out the following infographic to see what might be the best fit for your next trip.

"Where should I stay?"

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