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1 Month in Outsite San Diego / Venice Beach

Find out more about Outsite coliving spaces in Los Angeles and San Diego through one member's monthly photo album. Simon manages an influencer marketing company from our locations in Southern California, and in his spare time, he's been hanging in our local neighbourhoods!


Outsite Member Simon Lewis has been living in Outsite San Diego and Venice Beach for the past month. Here's what the day-to-day looks like for an Outsite Member living in our locations, from the coworking spaces and lunch spots, to those unbelievable sunsets. 

About Simon: Simon manages his own influencer marketing agency, working with bloggers and Instagrammers from all over the world. At the moment, he's living in California, growing his project Co-working Days and living in Outsite locations!   Outsite San Diego     Sunset from the Outsite Neptune Launch Party   Walkway to the beach from Outsite San Diego     Murals around Leucadia, San Diego     Lofty Coffee and Better Buzz, two of the Outsite San Diego favourites!   Iron Mountain Hike, San Diego     Golf courses in San Diego   Sunsets in San Diego. This is just outside the Encinitas location. Outsite Venice      Arriving in Venice Beach

 A travel writers workshop with the Voyagers Club in Outsite Venice   Venice Beach street art           You can connect with Simon via Twitter, or Instagram. Want to join our hang outs in San Diego and Venice? Learn more about becoming an Outsite Member, and gain access to all of our spaces.

Words: Rebecca Georgia // Community @ Outsite

Photographs: Simon Lewis

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