2018 in Photos

Check out Outsite's new locations, coliving spaces and Members from 2018.

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December 31, 2018

Reflect on the past year at Outsite through these photos - it's been a good one.

We started off in San Diego on our first official team retreat.

Before spreading our wings and kicking off our first location in Canggu, Bali. This was a big jump for Outsite, as it was our first location in Asia. The island of the Gods has been pretty good to us.

We've also had more events this year than ever before - yoga, workshops, travel meet ups, Nomad Stories, collabs with SafetyWing and Shopify. You can expect more of this in 2019.

We've also started operating Creators Weeks. This is where we'll open the house to content creators to work their magic - our first was in Puerto Rico, shortly followed by Costa Rica.

And yes - you read that right. We opened our first location in San Juan, Puerto Rico, this year. We've also extended our network in Venice by adding another location, opened our first location in Austin, and crossed the pond to begin our European expansion. Outsite Lisbon is our biggest space so far - there are 25 rooms and a coworking space on the ground floor!

Since then, we've also opened a location in the Swiss Alps - and it's a beauty.

We're also proud to say we've gone from having 30 Members to 500 - it's been quite the leap. Next year, we're going to finetune this experience so that Members will have exclusive access to some locations, as well as more perks to make sure the networking experience in Outsite is unrivalled.

So... what else can you expect for next year? 

We're going to create more space for our growing number of Members in LA, NYC, San Francisco and Bali. We're also looking at expanding to more locations in Europe, and opening our first spaces in Mexico and Africa.

Are you going to be joining us?


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