2022 at Outsite | A Review

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January 10, 2023

2022 at Outsite

2022 was set to be the year of travel rebound and we set strong goals for Outsite. We grew by 100% in terms of revenue, location and number of properties, while also maintaining an average of 60 NPS. If you’re not familiar - NPS is a hospitality scoring system. It’s one of the metrics we watch to make sure Members are happy with the experience.

This year, we hit a total of 50 Outsites, and opened our first spaces in Morocco and Spain (Marrakesh, and Ibiza). In 2023, we’re focusing on increasing the number of spaces we can offer in one location - we’re growing fast, and we recognise we need more inventory in our most popular places.

While 2022 was an incredible year, we also faced some challenges during property openings. We’re changing the way we grow, so you won’t see the same mistakes again. We are also committed to improving Customer Service and this will be a priority in the upcoming year.

New Destinations

You can also expect to see a handful of exciting new destinations throughout the year - our Oaxaca Outsite will officially open in February, and it will be the first summer for Outsite Ibiza!

Outsite App

All of these trips will be made even better with the Outsite App - a one-stop shop for everything you need during your trip (no more checking your emails for the code on the front door - we’ve got this).

Lastly, I wanted to thank those of you who have already invested in our Crowdfunding Campaign. There’s still time to invest if you’re thinking about it! We’ll close the round at the end of January.

Thanks again for your support, looking forward to the year ahead.


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