7 Advantages of Being a Digital Nomad

Digital nomad pros? Exercise more, become more productive, focus on your side projects, travel the world and end up all the richer.

Published on
June 27, 2018

There are many perks to remote work - whether it's working in your pyjamas or being able to be more present with your family. Here's a round up of a few of our favourite perks of being a digital nomad... which ones would you add?

1. Have cool and exciting hobbies

Whether it’s skiing, surfing, kayaking, or rock climbing - you can set yourself up in the perfect spot so that you can enjoy amazing activities when the working day is done. Or before it begins, or half-way through!

2. Work when it suits you

Are you a moonlight-fuelled loony who gets a sudden burst of energy around midnight? Or are you at your best - exclusively - after breakfast but before lunch? Get to know your energy patterns, and build your routine around them.


3. Be part of a global community

There are hundreds of websites and forums, like Outsite.co which tailor to digital nomads, including flat shares,  meetups, and other handy tips. Go to beautiful places, find out where the fastest WiFi is: you will find your people (remember, Outsite Members all get exclusive access to the Members Only Slack too).


4. Work remotely for clients in countries that pay well

Okay, this one is pretty obvious, but bears mentioning nonetheless. In the past, work and travel often meant teaching, bar work, or picking fruit. Online jobs like programming, SEO consultancy, and even copywriting can offer enough funds to have a comfortable lifestyle on the road, without working long or antisocial hours (unless you choose to of course). Working remotely can also mean earning a better salary than you would get working for local companies or clients.

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5. Dare to start your own business

If you live somewhere affordable, it is much easier to start your own online business without quickly running out of money. Traveling can also be a source of ideas, remember: Red Bull GmbH, one of the highest valued companies in the world, was created when an Austrian entrepreneur decided to create a new version of a Thai energy drink.

6. Follow the weather / be with your family / watch the Olympics...

Go wherever your heart takes you. If you hate winter, never see another winter. If your family are spread across the world, go and live close to them all for a bit. Love sport? Go and watch the Olympics wherever they take place!


7. Freedom from the rat race

The ultimate advantage of the digital nomad lifestyle is the freedom it allows you from the nine-five. No more shirts and ties, 6am alarm clocks, boardroom meetings or lunches at your desk. You’ll be your own boss, making your own decisions and working in a way that is most productive, efficient and fulfilling for you. Sounds good, right?

Whether you’re attracted to the digital nomad lifestyle because you’ve always wanted to see the world, or because you want to be part of a global network of explorers and innovators, digital nomadism is clearly a trend that isn’t going anywhere. More and more employers are recognising the benefits of offering long-term contracts to remote workers because of their high productivity levels and flexibility.

Want to learn more about becoming a digital nomad? Check out our guide - with tips on jobs, where to live, and how to meet other digital nomads!

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