7 Different Types of Remote Worker

What type of remote worker are you?

Published on
August 27, 2018

Inspired by the results of our survey, we identified 7 types of remote worker. Which one most resonates with you?


Doing what they love and not working a day in their lives. Well, that was the idea anyway. Turns out these passionate souls work pretty damn hard, but when it comes to life satisfaction (and having the freedom to work wherever they want in the world) they wouldn’t have it any other way.

Most common careers: Travel writer, food blogger, graphic designer, illustrator, artist, photographer, fashion designer.


These quiet, thoughtful types might not say much when you bump into them at breakfast—probably because they’re formulating a pivotal thesis on climate change or preparing forthe first leg of their sell-out book tour. Don’t write them off though: if you catch them atthe right time, you’ll probably have the most mind-elevating conversation of your life.

Most common careers: Lecturer, inspirational speaker, consultant, writer, meditation teacher, historian, journalist, poet.


Either working for a big, famous tech company which is way ahead of the game when it comes to work-life balance, or a tech genius planning the world’s next major digitaldisruption. You might be tempted to sneak a look at what they’re working on—but it’ll all be in some secret lime green code you have no hope of deciphering.

Most common careers: Entrepreneurs, engineers, developers of all kinds (web, games, front and back end...) or something with mysterious acronyms.


Sort of in-between homes, these are the slightly lost-looking ones either waiting to move into a new apartment or busy sussing out the pros and cons of cities they might wantto live in. It’s a sensible plan. The only thing is they tend to linger longer than expected—once they’ve experienced the comforts and community of an Outsite house, moving into a teeny tiny closet room a million miles out of town doesn’t seem so appealing after all.

Most common careers: Embarking on a new career, preferably something involving more BBQs and bike rides in the sunshine.


Works in one place most of the time, but takes occasional work trips—as a company perk or solo, to inspire creativity for a new personal project. This is a happily growing band of digital nomads, especially as employers take a more flexible approach to where work can be done and when—after all, there’s nothing like the welcome deadline of a killer Encinitas sunset to put an end to procrastination.

Most common careers: IT consultant, PR & Marketing, social media guru, digital editor, non-profit fundraiser, teacher, a bit of everything.

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