7 Wellness Products for your Carry-On

What to pack to make sure you feel great throughout your trip.

Published on
January 25, 2021

This post is in collaboration with @thenowwithnat.

Wellness is a key part of life. It helps attract circumstances that are in alignment with our goals, an environment that feels good, and synchronicities that seem to ‘appear out of the blue’.

As someone who absolutely loves to travel and live abroad (I have been living abroad for 3.5 years!), and also someone who loves wellness, mindfulness routines, and self-care habits, I have learned over the years how to keep my wellbeing at a high, even during a 13 hour flight. These are the products that might help you feel good, too.


It is so important for me to keep my skin hydrated while traveling. Being in the air for extended periods of time can dehydrate the dermis, cause acne, and increase oil production. This is mostly due to the constant recycling of air circulating throughout the dry cabins. This is a great product, especially for longer flights.

Face Lotion

This product ties into the face masks. On flights longer than 5 hours, I remove all make and wash my face mid flight. You can help support your skin by re-applying a light moisturizer as needed.


Whenever I travel, my digestion can feel a bit “off”. It simply seems to slow down, or diminish all together! Probiotics can help alleviate this by repopulating good bacteria, supporting your microbiome.


I always make sure to keep a journal in my carry-on bag. This comes in handy for multiple reasons. Sometimes I gain inspiration for a project or a situation I am facing. Other times I feel emotional on the plane, maybe I am arriving in a new country or saying goodbye to friends. Personally, this feels like an emotional purge - it helps clear your head, ready for a new destination. 

Book or Audio Book

I love to read books that are insightful and inspiring to keep me focused and positive during travel. I find books focusing on mindfulness and meditation really help to ground you, even when at 38,000 feet. 

Comfortable Clothes

This is crucial for longer travel. Having a full change of clothing makes the biggest difference on longer trips - it made me feel more human after the 40 hour flight from Bali to South America. I literally change everything (minus my shoes). Undergarments, shirts, pants, and socks. If you have access to a lounge shower - even better - but when that isn’t an option, this will allow you to feel more refreshed and rejuvenated. 


Brushing my teeth mid-flight, especially after a meal or snack, keeps me feeling so-fresh-n-so-clean! If you’re at capacity with your liquids, check out toothpaste tablets - these tiny, compressed tablets fizz into a minty foam on reaction with your tongue. 

All Natural Snack

While traveling, it can be easy to automatically snack on endless Biscoff cookies or salty peanuts. I always make sure to carry healthy snacks. My go-to’s are THINK bars (crunchy peanut butter is my jam) or natural, raw almonds. Fortunately, these snacks travel well too!


Like mentioned above, being in-flight can cause extreme dryness, even in the eyes. As a contact wearer, my contacts tend to dry up. Especially if I fall asleep with contacts in my eyes! Eye drops prevent me from rubbing my dry eyes, and reducing redness.

What would you add to the list? Let us know at @outsiteco on Twitter. 

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