8 Remote Jobs that Pay $100,000/yr Hiring Now

Remote work isn’t doing small projects and backpacking on a budget anymore. Today, you can have a six figure salary and live anywhere in the world.

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June 27, 2018

Remote work isn't doing small projects and backpacking on a budget anymore. Today, you can have a six figure salary and live anywhere in the world. 

Some standout findings from Deloitte’s 2017 Millennial Survey was that this generation desires flexibility - or the ability to work anwhere, when they want - as well as the stability of a high, consistent salary. 

Previously this combination would have seemed almost impossible, but today positions that match both criteria are becoming more and more avaialble. Remote.co recently listed 8 jobs needed to be filled right now at remote companies that offer both financial stability and location independence.

VP, Sales

  • Salary range: $77,755 – $202,779
  • About this job: The VP of sales is responsible for a designated market unit’s growth, including achieving or exceeding sales targets, being a trusted advisor, working closely with executive-level stakeholders, and maintaining powerful long-term relationships.

VP, Marketing Analytics

  • Salary range: $80,570 – $197,106
  • About this job: The VP of marketing analytics is responsible for launching a line of business, including the design and structure of the team, its strategy, and the growth of the brand.

Director, Product Marketing

  • Salary range: $95,857 – $175,936
  • About this job: The director of product marketing is responsible for developing and managing the go-to-market strategy for a specific product line, including defining the program strategy, positioning, key messages and collateral, and more.

Enterprise Solutions Architect

  • Salary range: $91,956 – $164,839
  • About this job: Customer- and sales-oriented professionals with strong technical solutions experience are sought for the enterprise solutions architect position, where they work closely with customers and technical project managers to craft solutions in areas like product development, data integration, and other complex implementations.

Senior UX Designer

  • Salary range: $77,801 – $135,272
  • About this job: Experienced senior designers work with researchers, developers, and software engineers to deliver web applications and services.

Channel Manager

  • Salary range: $47,870 – $116,507
  • About this job: A channel manager is responsible for the strategy, development, and growth of a specific sales channel; leveraging existing partnerships; and growing additional partnerships nationwide.

Senior Software Engineer

  • Salary range: $94,103 – $114,339
  • About this job: The senior software engineer becomes part of a new team of experienced engineers dedicated to solving user problems and automating internal processes through the development of new tools and systems.

Project Manager

  • Salary range: $46,129 – $109,295
  • About this job: A project manager is part of an instructional design and delivery team, with duties including leading project teams in the curriculum development and creation, keeping projects within their scope, schedule, and budget.

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Words: Annie Brown // Remote Worker

Photographs: Outsite

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