Running a Health Coach Business Remotely with Anna Svedberg

Outsite Member Anna Svedberg runs through her favorite Outsite's and running her business from the road.

Published on
March 6, 2020

The Essentials:

  • Hometown: Sweden
  • Born in: 1988
  • Lifestyle: Nomadic
  • Projects: Nourished With Anna
  • Industry: Health & Wellness

In Venice Lincoln

Tell us a bit about yourself:

Originally from Sweden but been living abroad for the past 10 years - from the US to Malaysia and Portugal.

During the past 5 years a lot of things has changed for me, both personally and professionally.

A bit over 5 years ago was when my own health transformation journey really started. I had been dealing with a bad relationship with food, weight issues, poor gut health, anxiety, fatigue and an overall low self-image for a few years and yoga became the gateway into my healing.

Then yoga in combination with starting to treat my body and mind better with a more plant-based diet was really key for my health.

My digestive issues started to go away, I had more energy, less anxiety and started to really love myself again.

And experiencing the power and influence nutrition and yoga had on my health transformation, made me very passionate about supporting other women to take back control of their gut health, heal from digestive disorders and as a result get their life and health back.

As a result I decided to leave my career in corporate recruiting to start my own business, Nourished With Anna.

Another great thing that came with that was the opportunity to work from anywhere. Having the freedom to control my own time plays a big role in terms of how I define success.

So now not only do I get to support other women with their health and wellbeing, but I can also do it on my terms which I'm so grateful for.

What are you working on currently?

I'm currently 100% remote, which I love.

At the moment I'm running a unique, customized, 8 week program called Your Healthy Happy Gut that's all about helping women heal from digestive disorders from a holistic approach. So focus on nutrition, but also overall lifestyle. We dig deep into this in the program.

And I do this from a holistic approach where nutrition (mainly plant-based), yoga and meditation play a big part.

Outsite Bali

What's next for you?

I quite recently launched a YouTube channel as well so currently working on mastering that :) And also constantly working on improving my programs and services, so I can serve my clients the best way possible.

Tell us about your experience with Outsite so far.  

Outsite has been the perfect solution for my current lifestyle. When I decided to start my own business I gave up my apartment back in Copenhagen as I wanted to travel and work from different places.

With Outsite I've been able to stay in beautiful and clean spaces with a work setup, as well as the most amazing community.

When being a solopreneur  without a team, having a community like this is simply amazing. And I've met so many amazing people at Outsite from various backgrounds, jobs and lifestyles. I'm constantly learning something new.

Outsite Bali

Do you have any tips or recommendations that have helped you navigate the nomadic lifestyle?

Since you're away from home and might experience places that come with a bit of a cultural chock, something that's really helped me is to still keep my daily routine and making sure I put aside some time for just me and being in my space. And keep an open mind!

What's got you excited these days?

Excited about supporting even more women on their health journeys, spending time here in beautiful Lisbon, and Outlander on Netflix!

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