Artist Residency - Lisbon 2020

We invite you to join our community.

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July 2, 2020

We are creating a world where everyone can design and live their best lives, with the freedom to live and work anywhere.

This year, Outsite will be opening their doors to creatives to be part of this experience. We invite artists, photographers and creators to experience Outsite and seek inspiration in the local spirit of our Spaces. From dense, urban locations, to open, natural spaces, we are inviting you to choose a home for your creative process.  

An introduction to Outsite.

Outsite is creating a community that helps you to build your network and thrive in your career while living in the places that suit you best. We invite you to join this community, and be part of the experience. 

We will provide you with a living space to facilitate your creative process. You’ll take inspiration from your surroundings, and transfer that energy into an aesthetic experience.

This is an inclusive community. People from all ethnicities, genders, orientations, abilities and ages are encouraged to apply.

2020 Artist Residency

Lisbon August 2020 

August 10th - August 24th

Outsite is offering 4 places as part of their Artist Residency in Lisbon, Portugal.

This recently revived city is now a port for creatives, as well as being home to Outsite’s largest location. The street art, hill-top views and year round sunshine make the streets feel even more alive and inspired. 

The selected artists will be commissioned to create artwork for the living spaces and bedrooms in Outsite Lisbon. 


Each artist will be designated 1 floor. The brief is to create a concept for their floor, ultimately resulting in 8-13 pieces of artwork for use in the living rooms and bedrooms. 


Outsite is the bridge between many international travellers and the local community. We aim to empower local communities, and we are actively calling for local Portuguese artists to apply, as well as mainland European applicants.

We’re specifically looking for photographers and artists specialising in the following areas:

  • Abstract & Conceptual 
  • Lifestyle 
  • Sustainability 
  • Diversity  


Artists will be given 2 weeks accommodation in Outsite Lisbon, as well as access to a reserved Members area in the coworking space. 

Outsite will frame artwork, but artists are expected to deliver their work on paper or canvas at the agreed deadline. 

Artists will also receive a Marketing & Content Package from Outsite.

Applications are now closed.

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