5 Beautiful Places Abroad with Great Wifi

We've done a lot research to find the ideal places to work/live/play where there is rich culture, incredible natural beauty, and - of course - Wifi.

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June 26, 2018

Thanks to the magic of the Internet, remote workers can now escape their day-to-day routine and spend time living and working abroad from beautiful places. At Outsite, we’ve done a lot research to find the ideal places to work/live/play where there is rich culture, incredible natural beauty, and - of course - reliable, high-speed Internet.

Outsite has locations abroad in Costa Rica and Puerto Rico (which you will find on this list) and will be launching at more locations soon - so stay tuned! 

If you’re thinking of going to live abroad temporarily while you work, then you’ll want to consider some of these exotic tropical islands and laid back beach towns.  

1. Koh Phangan, Thailand

This tropical island in the southern part of the Gulf of Thailand is a fascinating place. Known worldwide for its insane Half Moon and Full Moon Parties in the resort town of Haad Rin. Thankfully, this crowd doesn’t usually get out and explore the rest of the Island. The western side of the Island is full of laid back resorts and has become something of a mecca for meditation and yoga schools. The biggest one (by far) is Agama Yoga with an excellent (and inexpensive) one month Hatha Yoga intensive. Koh Phangan is a really incredible place, full of perfect white sand beaches like Haad Yao, Mae Haad and remote Bottle Beach, which you have to hike to through mountainous jungle to reach. 

Wi-Fi: 3G but some fast Wifi // Best Time of Year: November to April 



2. Playa Bejuco, Costa Rica

Retreat to one of the best beaches in the world and actually get work done. Playa Bejuco is a dynamic hub for work and play. The Outsite villa in Playa Bejuco has several full-service coworking spaces with 25 MPB symmetric internet and AC to help you balance fun and productivity. Outsite Costa Rica house boasts instant access to one of the most pristine beaches in the world. We chose this location, and created a productive, relaxing and welcoming space specifically for those seeking working from paradise.  With a wide variety of activities like surfing, snorkeling, kayaking, kitesurfing, hiking, climbing and nature expeditions, the possibilities are endless.  At night, the stars in this part of Costa Rica are some of the most crystal clear in the entire world. The dream lifestyle here is to surf the morning high tide, work through the heat of the day in your air-conditioned villa, then surf the evening high tide. 

Wi-Fi: High speed at Outsite Costa Rica // Best Time of Year: November to March


3. Hoi An, Vietnam

In recent years Vietnam has been challenging Thailand’s status as the mecca for digital nomads and expats. While many people are flocking to cities like Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, if you want to relax and focus, we recommend the beachside town of Hoi An, which translates as “peaceful meeting place”.  The old town is a UNESCO world heritage and a well-preserved remnant of the town’s influence as a spice trading port from 15th to 19th century. You can easily rent or buy a motorbike to explore the beautiful surrounding beaches and mountains. The food here is spicy and generally inexpensive and amazing. 

Internet: Fast wi-fi generally // Best Time of Year: May to September 


4. Goa, India

India will absolutely blow you away with its fascinating ancient culture, unique charm and more awe-inspiring religious temples than anywhere else in the world.

When you want to relax and get some work done, settle for awhile in Goa. Goa is a state in India with some of the best beaches in the world. As you might imagine, there is an interesting mix of people and you will almost never have a dull moment in a place like this.

The beach towns in the spectacular state of Kerala are also worth exploring. The town of Varkala has beautiful beaches and soaring cliffs. 

Internet: Pretty good overal // Best Time of Year: November to March


5. San Juan, Puerto Rico 

Puerto Rico is a beautiful island with a vibrant culture, beautiful beaches, unforgettable rainforests and gorgeous Caribbean weather. Stay with us at Outsite Puerto Rico to live the luxurious beachside lifestyle and learn to create the ideal work-life balance you’ve always wanted. At the luxurious beachside villa at Outsite Puerto Rico, you can relax by the beach, hang out with like-minded Outsite members or focus in the shared workspace. If you’re a nature lover looking for something different, take an excursion to vibrant rainforests with rich biodiversity and lush waterfalls.  Every week, we organize group activities to get the house together and have fun. We invite you join us for group dinners, beach yoga, hiking trips, beach volleyball, movie nights and BBQs. If you’re looking for a real community of well-rounded people who are doing interesting work, including entrepreneurs, developers, designers, artists, and academics that like to play hard, then Outsite might be the right place for you.

Internet: High-speed (at Outsite) // Best Time of Year: May to October 


Ready to work from paradise with an exclusive community of entrepreneurs, creatives and remote workers? Reserve your spot at Outsite Costa Rica and/or Puerto Rico today! 

Words: Annie Brown // Wifi Huntress 

Photographs: Outsite

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