Where To Start Up in the US: The Best States to Start A Business In

Where you decide to start your business in the United States makes a big impact on the future of your business. Here are some of the best states to launch a startup in.

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September 29, 2019

Are you an entrepreneur wanting to start a business in the United States? If you’re looking to launch a startup, you’re probably already aware that there’s tons of factors to consider when starting your business. One of the biggest factors: where to start-up.


Where you decide to start up and make your home base as a business can contribute to a lot – the culture of your business, the financing options that are available, the type of talent you’ll be attracting, and the quality of life you (and your employees) will be experiencing while living and working there. 

We’ve put together some information on 6 of the best states to start a business in based on findings from various studies and polls. Read on to get inspired about where to start your business!


They say that everything's bigger in Texas, and there certainly are big opportunities for new businesses starting up in Texas. There are many things about Texas that make this southern state attractive to entrepreneurs. Austin in particular is especially enticing for small business owners to start a business.

Why Texas is great to start up in: 

  • There is no corporate or personal income tax
  • Texas’s economy is worth $1.8 trillion which makes it the second biggest economy after California
  • Austin locals in particular are known to have a “support small business” mentality
  • A recent survey amongst CEOs ranked Texas as the #1 best state for business for the 15th year in a row 
  • The cost of doing business in Texas is estimated to be 11.2% below the national average
  • Ranked as the state with the #1 best business growth prospects by Forbes
  • There are various financing incentives offered by the state, including the Texas Enterprise Fund (TEF) which funds companies that would bring lots of capital and employment opportunities to the state
  • Relatively short and mild winters are a bonus for those who hate harsh, cold winters! 
  • Get more information on starting a business in Texas on Business In Texas’s website
  • P.S. Outsite has a coliving location in Austin, perfect for digital nomads and entrepreneurs! 


Many people associate Florida with retirement...but entrepreneurs should be associating the state with new business opportunities. With zero personal income tax and eternal summer, why not consider launching a startup in Florida?

Why Florida is great to start up in: 

  • A recent survey amongst CEOs ranked Florida as the #2 best state for business for the 6th year in a row 
  • Ranked as the state with the 2nd best business growth prospects by Forbes
  • Miami in particular has some great resources for small businesses including a branch of 500 Startups which has a seed accelerator program and The University of Miami’s “Launch Pad”
  • Enterprise Florida, Inc. (EFI) offers training and development for small, minority and entrepreneurial companies
  • Very favorable weather, a subtropical climate. You can skip winter all together in the Sunshine State, which is a great incentive for future employees!
  • Get more information on starting a business in Florida on the Enterprise Florida website

North Dakota

Now, this state probably wasn’t on your radar at all before, but hear us out! According to Wallet Hub’s massive study, it turns out that there are some major perks if you start up in this midwestern state bordering Canada. 

Why North Dakota is great to start up in: 

  • The state is becoming increasingly tax friendly. Income taxes have been reduced to only 1.1 to 2.9%. Corporate tax rates are low as well.
  • Wallet Hub found that the state has the #1 highest average growth in number of small businesses as well as one of the states with the easiest access to financing
  • Fargo, the biggest city in the state, is becoming a major tech hub for the midwest, and is one of the regions that makes up the “Silicon Prairie” 
  • A bunch of coworking spaces are popping up in and around Fargo to accommodate for this new wave of techies and entrepreneurs in North Dakota, like Prairie Den and Regus
  • The state has a low cost of living compared to other US states
  • There are various incubator programs and funding options such as the Research ND Grant Program and the Innovate ND Program
  • The state is said to have a high quality of life and is full of beautiful nature and natural parks for lovers of the great outdoors
  • Get more information on starting a business in North Dakota on the North Dakota Commerce website 


This Western state has no shortage of natural beauty – unbelievable nation parks galore! What you may not realize, though, is the huge growth in tech jobs and startups in the state’s big cities. Could it be your turn to join the Silicon Slopes?

Why Utah is great to start up in: 

  • Wallet Hub’s study ranked Utah as the #2 overall best state to start a business in, also citing it as the state with the second highest small business growth ranking as well as easily accessible business financing
  • Forbes also ranked Utah as the #2 best state for business, stating that it has a healthy labor supply and great growth prospects
  • Cost of doing business in Utah is lower than the national average
  • Tech related jobs are growing quickly in Utah, especially in the area between Salt Lake City and Provo, which is nicknamed “Silicon Slopes” which also happens to be the name of a nonprofit that empowers the Utah startup scene  
  • Business financing options are available such as the Utah Microloan Fund which grants small business loans up to $50,000 to qualifying businesses 
  • Beautiful natural parks and outdoorsy culture are perfect for people who love being outdoors
  • Get more information on starting a business in Utah on the Utah State Business website 

North Carolina

Did you know this southern state is actually a big fintech hub and home to loads of startups? There are plenty of resources and opportunities for entrepreneurs and budding startups in North Carolina. 

Why North Carolina is great to start up in: 

  • Forbes ranked North Carolina as the #1 best state for business
  • The cost of business in North Carolina is 10% lower than the national average, ranked #2 by Forbes 
  • Software company Volusion ran a study that determined Charlotte and Raleigh to be 2 of the best cities in the US for startups due to high entrepreneurship scores 
  • Charlotte is considered the startup capital of the South
  • There are many great colleges and universities in the state to pull fresh talent from to work for your startup
  • For students and alumni of certain North Carolina universities, there are incubator programs and funding available through Triangle Venture Alliance and Wolfpack Investor Network 
  • There are multiple financial resources for small business in North Carolina, especially if you’re opening a business in a rural area. You can learn about them here.
  • You can get funding and coaching through organizations like Queen City Fintech and Carolina Fintech Hub 
  • Cost of living in North Carolina is lower than average in the US 
  • Get more information on starting a business in North Carolina on The Economic Development Partnership of North Carolina (EDPNC) website


Need some southern hospitality in your life (and sweet and short mild winters)? Georgia may be the place for you. 

Why Georgia is great to start up in: 

  • Wallet Hub’s study ranked Georgia as the #2 overall best state to start a business in, also noting that it has the 5th best business environment ranking
  • The cost of doing business in Georgia is below the national average 
  • The state’s economy is becoming increasingly pro-business
  • Volusion has found Atlanta to be one of the best cities for startups in the US 
  • The ATDC incubator helps Georgia startups at all stages and has a 90% success rate. Atlanta Tech Village is another great incubator program 
  • Cost of living in Georgia is lower than average in the US 
  • Climate has a bonus of short and mild winters 
  • Get more information on starting a business in Georgia on the state government's website

We hope this has provided you with some guidance and inspiration for where to start your new business.

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