The State of Company Culture in 2018

Companies that are hiring remote workers in tech, operations, marketing and HR.

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June 27, 2018

The modern workspace is virtual. In the 1990's, we had the Commuter. They might have spent an hour getting to and from work. Then came the Telecommuter (2000's), occasionally heading to the office, predominantly working from a desk at home. In 2010's, this has been followed with the Digital Nomad, the worker who can do everything 100% remote. What comes next? 


The Location Independent Professional, 2020

The new type of remote work, expected to last for as long as the Internet. It's already here, but the infrastructure is catching up.  

What do employees now look for?

43% of employees already do some remote work (Gallup Survey), 36% of employees would prefer a flexible work option toa  raise (Global Workplace), 82% of Millenials said they were more loyal to flexible employers (FlexJobs) and 100% of companies could save $11,000 per halftime telecommuter, per year (Global Workplace).

Are people really doing this?

Yes. Take Dell for example. 140,000 employees, of which 18% are remote.  'Working remotely is just the way we do business at Dell' - Mohammed Chahdi, Director of Human Resources.  'In today’s global economy...we know great talent is everywhere'  - Terilyn Monroe, Director of Global Employee and Community Engagement at Intuit. The movement has already started, and those adapting fast are able to retain the best talent. 

What does remote work really achieve?

It's more what you're giving your employees the potential to do. Millenials want personal development, better health & wellbeing, and the ability to prioritize their family if needed. Free pizza and a better job title won't help employees to lead a more active lifestyle, but an easy way to work remotely will. 


What's the easiest way to implement remote work policies?

Well, the easiest way is to just do it. However, that won't guarantee you a productive team. Not everyone is used to remote work yet - as we mentioned, the infrastructure is catching up. Outsite's Business Membership is one of the best places to start. 

From the get-go, your team has access to beautiful places to work across California, Hawaii, Costa Rica and Bali. Having access to the coliving spaces in N.Y.C and L.A may even be practical for team meetings. Outsite spaces are full of remote workers, creatives and entrepreneurs, so employees get to network with a like-minded community whilst maintaining a healthy work-life balance. 


Curious about how your whole team could get together in Outsite? Check out how Awaken Studios moved their design studio from New York to Costa Rica for a month, or view our group retreats.

Words: Rebecca Georgia + Josh Martin

Photographs: Outsite

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