Company Retreat Case Study: Precision Nutrition in Costa Rica

Work, play and growth hacking from Outsite's location on Costa Rica's Pacific Coast.

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June 27, 2018

What happens when a growth hacker gets the whole team together to work and play? Intense productivity and lots of fun, it seems!

Eva Tang, Product Manager at Precision Nutrition, describes her recent Outsite: Costa Rica retreat as the perfect opportunity to connect with her team in person. Precision Nutrition is a health, wellness and fitness company that “helps people transform their lives through expert coaching, ongoing support, and guided mentorship.” Eva’s role at Precision Nutrition involves working on ambitious, growth-oriented, moonshot projects with a diverse and supportive team while traveling the world. We are thrilled to hear Eva and the Precision Nutrition team had to say about their co-working experience in Costa Rica:

“There’s a lot to love about remote working. You don’t have to wear pants to work, there’s no commute and you can work wherever you want in the world — so long as there’s good wifi. But there is one thing that office workers have on us — agenda-less time with your coworkers. Walking to get coffee, shooting the shit over lunch or happy hour — since we’re not in person, these serendipitous moments don’t happen.

We’re brainstorming, building, designing and living alongside each other, in an incredible location — why don’t more companies do this?

This is where Outsite comes in. At Precision Nutrition, we have 60 full-time, entirely remote employees that get together in person once a year to hang out. Within the 60 person company, there are many smaller teams including the product team that I’m on — where there’s 12 of us. While the big company retreats are often great to socialize and catch up — it’s these in-person work trips with our smaller, more tactical team that really builds friendships and bonds. We’re brainstorming, building, designing and living alongside each other, in an incredible location often with great food — why don’t more companies do this?  Whatever the answer, it’s probably not a good one. :)"

Costa Rica is the second Outsite retreat we’ve done as a team, and it was everything I wanted as a product manager for my team. The location was remote but the necessities were convenient (grocery store and the beach). The condos were fantastic and had a variety of room setups for different people on the team. Lastly, the staff were kind, helpful and accommodating — meaning our stay was only focused on work and play.

Did I mention there’s a private pool? Yeah, you should book now."

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Words: Eva Tang, Nitya Timalsina

Photographs: Eva Tang, Other

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