Airbnb vs. Outsite vs. Hotels [INFOGRAPHIC]

We compared popular accommodation options for corporate retreats so that you can choose the best one for you and your team.

Deciding between AirBnB or a coliving space for your next trip? Or maybe you're making the leap from hotel, to coliving?

Freelancing is on the rise, as is remote work. Technology and flexible living goes hand in hand, and as our work style changes, so do our choices for accommodation. It used to be that the business hotel was the default - now you could be coliving in Bali, New York or Los Angeles on your next trip. How do you know it's right for you? Take a look at the flow below to see what fits you best.

infographic comparing airbnb, hotels, outsite and hostels

Is coliving good for company retreats?

If you're travelling with a group/company retreat, you might find that coliving spaces actually work out to be more cost efficient, and your hosts have a greater understanding of what a modern company needs - whether that's smoothie bowls for breakfast, an Apple TV in your meeting room or scheduled surf sessions on the weekend. Take a look at how Lexr travelled to Lisbon, or how this design agency moved their office to Costa Rica for a month. It's easier than you think - take a look at the options for coliving with your group here

Want to learn more about coliving? 

Check out interviews with our guests, learn about our Community Managers in each location, or download the guide to coliving.

Words: Rebecca Georgia

Photographs: Outsite

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