12 Best Digital Nomad Cities

Digital Nomad cities you'll want to put on your list for this year.

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June 27, 2018

We don't need to tell you why working remotely is brilliant for you and your work (but for starters, 66% of people feel more productive outside of the office, and the majority of those remote workers are happier too). So once you've got the freedom and flexibility to work from anywhere - here's where to do it, from the surf beaches of Bali to the highrises of New York.

1.  NYC

The city that never sleeps is a hive for digital nomads and creatives - whether you're here for 2 days or 2 years, NYC is a great place to live when you're getting your business up and running.

digital nomad city New York

2.  Bali

Check out our guide to see where to stay on this island - frequented by online entrepreneurs and nomads.

digital nomad cities

3.  Bangkok, Thailand

According to Nomad List, this city costs just $1,441 per month to live in. That, the entrepreneurial community, amazing food and the fast internet connections make it a pretty great hangout.

4. Lisbon

Good weather, surf beaches and an Outsite coworking/coliving space. Need we say more? 

5. Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is back on it's feet after Hurricane Maria, and it's an amazing place to be if you're working online. Take advantage of the salsa parties, beautiful beaches and practice your Spanish whilst you're there.

6.  Medellin

Colombia's been becoming more and more of a fashionable place to visit, making it a very easy place to live in too. The city of eternal spring is peppered with cool cafes, and the city is surrounded by natural beauty - ideal for exploring on your weekends.

7.  London

Whilst London is expensive, when it comes to working with other entrepreneurs or creatives, it's one of the best places to be in the world.


8. Los Angeles

Similarly to London and New York, you'll find yourself surrounded with like-minded people - particularly if you follow up with the suggestions in this digital nomad's guide to Venice Beach.

digital nomad city Venice Beach

9. Barcelona

The Catalonian capital is a start-up city - that happens to be on the Mediterranean, with a very liveable climate.

10.  Cape Town

Another surfing city with a relatively low cost of living, year round sunshine and an inspiring cultural scene.

11. Tulum

Tulum is almost too easy to forget about work in. Cafes like Ki Bok makes it easier to stay online, and meet other digital nomads on the road.  👩💻 


12. Berlin

Prhaps one of the first ever hubs for digital nomads, Berlin still draws in the online creatives with it's counter culture, independent businesses and incredible nightlife.


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