Digital Nomad Guide to Biarritz & Basque Country, France

The ultimate digital nomad guide to Biarritz including where to stay, coffee shops with Wifi, and coworking spaces.

Planning a trip to the Basque Country while working remotely? This is a beautiful part of France and Spain, ideal for surfers and foodies.

Where to stay in the Basque Country


Biarritz is a city in South West France, best known for the large indoor market 'Les Halles', vast surf beaches and great bars and restaurants. This is a popular getaway for Parisians, as it only takes 4 hours to reach by train. It's easy to get around the city on foot. Check out Outsite Biarritz.


Guéthary is a quaint seaside town, just south of Biarritz and minutes from the Spanish border. You'll find great surf spots, similarly to Biarritz - but with none of the crowds.


This is a traditional Basque town atop a hill, between Biarritz and Guéthary. Most of the beaches are located at the base of a cliff.

San Sebastian

San Sebastian is in the Spanish part of Basque Country. Like Biarritz, it's best known for world class restaurants and surf culture.

Digital nomad communities in Biarritz & Basque Country

Biarritz is not as highly populated as Lisbon or Bali when it comes to digital nomads, however, as more and more people become remote in France, this is likely to increase.

Coworking spaces in Biarritz

There are a few coworking spaces where you can meet fellow Biarritz digital nomads and remote workers. One option is Le Local Coworking, which has a coworking space and soundproof phone rooms, perfect for taking client calls without worrying about background noise! There's also a relaxation and dining area where you can socialize and network. Another option is Coworking Pays Basque, which has a location in Biarritz as well as a location in Bayonne. In the Biarritz location, there are workspaces, meeting rooms, and even a photo studio! There's a kitchenette and dining area, as well. If you're looking to stay somewhere that you can both colive and cowork, look no further than Outsite Biarritz where you can stay, work, and play with fellow digital nomads while experiencing all the comforts of home.

What's the Wifi like in Basque Country?

In Biarritz and San Sebastian, it's easy to find high speed WiFi. If you're planning on staying in the smaller towns, make sure to contact your host to check the speed before booking.

Best cafes with WiFi in Biarritz

  • Milwaukee Cafe
    This cafe with unlimited wifi and plentiful American style menu options is perfect to spend the day working at. Milwaukee Cafe is a popular Sunday brunch spot and will be quite busy on the weekends, but it’s more calm and better suited for remote workers on the weekdays. 
  • Dodin
    Head to Dodin for coffee or tea with a view. This cafe is right on Grande Plage, AKA the beach! Watch the waves go by while you get some work done and enjoy your food and drink. Try one (or many) of their traditional French macarons to satisfy your sweet tooth. 
  • Ventilo Café
    This spacious cafe with free wifi is not only great for working, it’s also a fun place to socialize and catch some live music or guest DJs late at night. If you’re going to work, though, you’ll be able to enjoy a wide variety of drinks (caffeinated or not) and food. 
  • Frozen Palm
    For awesome coffee, fresh juices, and healthy food, head to Frozen Palm. They have loads of options if you are vegetarian or vegan. Not to mention, their latte art is amazing – you might just find the most Instagrammable drinks in Biarritz here!
  • Deus
    Artfully styled interiors, motorbikes and surfboards make for a beautiful office backdrop at Deus. There are plenty of spaces to work, free WiFi, and power outlets for patrons.

Day trips from Biarritz

  • San Sebastián, Spain
    Take advantage of being so close to the Spanish border! Head to the city of San Sebastián. It’s only a 45 minute drive down to this beautiful Spanish resort town, so rent a car and take a nice drive down to Spain’s Basque Country. Once you’re in the coastal city, there’s loads to explore. Relax on La Concha Beach, which is considered to be one of the nicest city beaches in Europe, surf at Zurriola beach, and roam around the Old Town district where you can find loads of Pintxos (Basque country’s version of tapas) bars. 
  • Bordeaux Wineries & Vineyards
    If you’re a wine lover in France, you must take advantage of all the wine that the country has to offer – and that includes heading to famous Bordeaux. This iconic wine region is just a little over a 2 hour train ride north from Biarritz. There are thousands of vineyards in the Bordeaux region, so you’ll have no shortage of options. You can take leisurely strolls and enjoy tastings at many vineyards, but if you’d like to learn more about the vineyards and how wine is produced in the region, sign up for a wine tour
  • Explore Surrounding French Basque Country Cities & Villages
    French Basque Country has so many beautiful spots to visit. It’s easy to get around by bus or train to these surrounding areas, so pack your bag and choose your destination! Some great options are Bayonne, the charming capital of the French Basque Country, Saint-Jean-De-Luz, a beautiful fishing port city, and Anglet, which has 11 beaches and is often called “Little California.” 

Gyms and yoga studios in Biarritz

  • Basic-Fit Gym
    This is a highly rated gym in Biarritz, complete with classes, spin bikes and a well equipped weights room.
  • Bestraining
    This is one of the best gyms in Biarritz for CrossFit/HIIT style classes.
  • Hot Yoga Biarritz
    A small, boutique studio with a small yoga shop on-site.
  • Madhura Yoga
    Madhura is a smaller yoga studio, specialising in different types of yoga - depending on the teacher.

Wondering about taking classes in French? Let the teacher know at the start of the class, and they'll usually be able to help you during the class.

Shopping and groceries in Biarritz

Grocery stores

Carrefour is the most convenient and common supermarket in Biarritz. If you'd prefer a more traditional shopping experience, head to Les Halles for fruit, vegetables, meat, fish, nuts, seeds and dried foods.

Health food stores

Les Trésors de Gaia stock herbal teas, essential oils, palo santo and more supplements if you're looking for superfood products.

Biarritz FAQs

Visas for France

For US citizens, no visa is required for stays under 90 days. For Europeans, France is part of the The Schengen Area, making it extra simple for citizens from Schengen Area counties to travel to France.  

Getting Around Biarritz

Luckily for Biarritz digital nomads, the city is compact and easy to navigate by foot. It is very walkable. If you need to go a little further than walking distance, there’s a reliable bus with many stops. It can get you around the city with ease, as well as take you to surrounding villages and cities. Taxis are also available.

Safety: Is the Basque Country safe? 

Biarritz and the surrounding French Basque Country region are considered very safe for travellers. However, you should always keep an eye on your belongings and be aware of your surroundings. Keep your wits about you and you’ll be just fine. 

Looking for more places to stay? Check out our digital nomad guides to Lisbon and Ericeira. Outsite Biarritz is available for short and long term rentals in the Basque Country.

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