Digital Nomad Guide to Porto, Portugal

The best coworking spaces, cafes, nightlife, and places to live and stay as a digital nomad in Porto

Published on
May 13, 2022

Known for its wine, its UNESCO-named historical center, and for its romantic cobblestoned streets running alongside the Douro River, Porto should be on everyone's list. More than a city to just pass through, Porto has plenty to offer the slow traveler or remote worker.

Where to stay in Porto

Though the city is smaller in size, and most places are easily reachable by foot, there are a few neighborhoods that are particularly great for visitors and digital nomads alike. Whether you're looking for an area with lively nightlife, trendy restaurants, or a quiet and relaxed place to call home, there's a place for everyone.


Home to Outsite Porto, Bonfim has been named one of Europe's coolest neighborhoods by The Guardian, Bonfim is swimming in charm. There's quite an art scene here, an array of trendy boutique stores, and hip cafes. You won't find any main tourist attractions here, but you will find stunning views over the Douro, lush parks, elegant townhouses, and old school eateries dotted throughout.


Beginning at the Avenida dos Aliados, and stretching to Praça da Liberdade, Centro-Baixa is the central most area of Porto. In 2004, this area was named a World Heritage Site, and its historic buildings were renovated, properties were refurbished, and new businesses within the hospitality industry began to pop up. Now, it' one of Porto's coolest neighborhoods, and trendy bars, clubs, and restaurants are bringing in visitors from across the city.


Situated in the center of the old town, is picturesque Ribeira. It's one of the oldest districts in Porto, and since 1996 has been classified as a UNESCO Heritage Site. Its history extends back to the 14th century. There are narrow winding streets, and views of the colorful Port Houses along the bank, a paved promenade, dotted with cafes, bars, and restaurants. This area is especially great for its nightlife.

Cedofeita, Santo Ildefonso, Sé, Miragaia, São Nicolau and Vitória

In 2013, the parish of Cedofeita merged into the parish of Cedofeita, Santo Ildefonso, Sé, Miragaia, São Nicolau and Vitória. This area stretched from the city center to the river and is now thought of as one of Porto's most up and coming areas.


Laidback Miragaia sits beside Ribeira on the Douro River. The neighborhood dates back to the 14th century and is overflowing with history. Wander around Miragaia's cobbled streets and visit its antique shops, and cafes, or grab a seat and a glass of Porto at one of the waterfront taverns.

Digital Nomad Communities in Porto 

While Porto's digital nomad scene is not yet booming quite as much as Lisbon's, it's well on its way. There are regular meet ups for digital nomads held by one of the local coworking spaces, Porto i/o. You can also stay in the loop by joining relevant Facebook groups such as: Digital Nomads Porto and

If you're staying at Outsite, you'll be added to our local Porto Whatsapp group, making it easy to meet, connect, and plan activities with other like-minded guests.

Coworking Spaces in Porto

CRU Cowork Hub

A cool space in the center of the Bombarda Art District, Cru offers various membership types, hot desks, fixed desks, and private offices. There's also a ping pong table, a call room, a fully equipped kitchen, and an outdoor terrace.

Synergy Coworking

This space is perfect for digital creatives - they've got a podcasting room, sound and video recording equipment, professional lighting, and a 3D printer.

Porto i/o

This is a bright and spacious spot to work from with complimentary drinks and snacks. They also organize events and community lunches-perfect for networking.

Best cafes with Wifi in Porto 

Mesa 325

A popular spot amongst remote workers in Portugal. It's relaxing, has fast WiFi, as well as great food and coffee. There are plenty of tables here, so you should have no problem finding a spot even on a busy day.

Combi Coffee Roasters

This is a hip cafe located just a short walk from Outsite. They serve what some claim is the best coffee in the city. Combi is a laidback neighborhood cafe with fast WiFI, fun music, and an overall great vibe.


Somewhat of a hidden gem, BUuh! maintains an inviting atmosphere with hip music and welcoming staff. Outlets can be found at almost any table, affordable coffee, pots of tea, and pastries.

Day Trips from Porto 

Douro Valley

You know it for its production of port wine. Douro Valley is a scenic stretch of tiered vineyards drape throughout the mountain side and onto the banks of the Douro River. Consider a vineyard tour if you're in the area.

Parque Nacional da Peneda-Gerês

Escape the bustle of the city here, where winding roads lead you throughout mountain ranges that stretch along the Spanish border. The landscapes change quickly, and the miradouros, or viewpoints, are not in short supply. This is also a great spot to go hiking or dip into their pools of water.


A little over an hour away from Porto, this is a great day trip destination. Coimbra is a charming, scenic, sleepy town set in between Porto and Lisbon. It's also home to the Universidade de Coimbra, one of the oldest universities in Europe. You'll find great restaurants, bars, and a relaxed vibe here.


Overflowing with history, this small town is Portugal's former capital. It's now a Unesco World Heritage Site with colorful buildings lining the streets and wrapping around the cobblestone squares. It's charming, and a great place to check out for any architect and history buffs.

Gyms and yoga studios in Porto

This sweet space is a community focused yoga studio, coffee shop, and art space.

Fox Gym
Neighboring Outsite Porto in north Bonfirm, Fox Gym is a fully equipped gym that hosts a wide variety of fitness classes.

Fitness Hut
There are three Fitness Huts throughout the city, all offering affordable memberships and a variety of classes.

Be in Balance
A large fitness and wellness center with everything from spa treatments to functional fitness classes.

Shopping and groceries in Porto

Grocery Stores

Pingo Doce and Mini Preço are two of the most popular chain supermarkets in Porto. They are great spots for common everyday items. Continente Bom Dia is another good one but sometimes bigger and with more variety. Some locations are open until 11pm.

Health Food Stores

Maçaroca is an organic grocery store carrying locally sourced and sustainable products. Celeiro is a similar option, you will usually find these stores inside shopping malls.

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