Discover an Eco-Friendly Country House in France

Outsite Biarritz has been awarded the EU Eco Label in France.

Published on
April 23, 2021

Outsite offers filtered water, recycling and composting in all locations where possible, but Outsite Bidart is one of our most sustainable stays. Everything is considered, from the lime-lined walls to the permaculture landscapes. Discover our most sustainable space yet.

🏠 Sustainable Architecture

The property has been built with energy conservation in mind. Heating and hot water are powered by a geothermic system. The building has been lined with lime to avoid the use of cement, hemp has been used for roof insulation, and all wooden doors have triple glazed windows. We've also chosen to avoid the use of tarmac in the car park.

⚡️ Energy

A simple card system has been installed, allowing us to cut the electricity supply when leaving the room. All light bulbs are being gradually replaced by low consummation bulbs, reducing energy by 80%.

💧 Water Conservation

Water economisers have been installed on taps and toilets.

🧼 Biodegradable Products

All our cleaning products are biodegradable and wherever possible carry the eco label logo. To avoid single use plastics, we have supplied large containers of shampoo, shower gel and hand wash.

We only wash towels and linens once a week, but offer extra laundry on request.


All rooms have a recycling basket, and we have compost bins on-site for food waste.

Book your stay in Outsite Bidart now, or check out more sustainable travel tips here.

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