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Outsite has worked with a selection of artists worldwide to create and showcase their works in our spaces.

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May 6, 2022
Meet Digital Nomad Sophie Trotman, Nutritional Therapist who recently adopted a hybrid lifestyle after transitioning out of a career in sales and launching her business

Over the years, we've partnered with talented artists from all over the world. In pursuit of communicating the unique spirits of the destinations Outsite is in, we've cultivated a community of artists that have each used their crafts to evoke a sense of place. From painters, to screen printers, to sculptors, and beyond, these artists have all created thoughtful pieces for our spaces, bringing in more life, more color, and a deeper connection with the destination itself.

Alonso Delgadillo - Outsite San José del Cabo

Alonso Delgadillo is a renowned muralist and illustrator from Tijuana, now based in Arizona's Sonoran Desert. Through the use of lines within his murals and drawings, he illustrates day-to-day life and takes on a distinctive, sense of nostalgia that speaks of his experience as a migrant. Drawing on his memories of growing up on the border of two countries, a sense of emotions are evoked. His murals become intimate parts of communities, and live on the exterior of Outsite San José del Cabo.

Rita Sevilha - Outsite Madeira

Madeira based artist, Rita Sevilha considers herself a collector - mainly of natural objects (think stones, oysters, shells, etc.) Her artwork considers the natural changes they undergo with time - how their shapes and colors and textures change. She works with natural fibers, meeting them with curiosity and a willingness to experiment. Find Rita's tapestries hanging on the bedroom walls at Outsite Madeira.

Ethan Estess - Outsite Santa Cruz - Natural Bridges

Ethan Estess is an artist, designer, and scientist from Santa Cruz where he works as a studio artist and field biologist at the Monterey Bay Aquarium. His background in ocean science and sculpture, along with his love of the ocean lends itself to his artistic practice of communicating the importance of protecting marine environments. Through sculpture, he aims to tell stories and highlight awareness of plastic pollution in the ocean about environmental topics from marine plastic pollution to tuna conservation and explores the collision of human and natural worlds. His work for Outsite Santa Cruz - Natural Bridges was created with old fishing ger, and hangs throughout the space. Learn more about Ethan's experience with Outsite here.

Lucas Elmer - Outsite Santa Cruz - Seabright

Lucas Elmer is a screen printer and sculptor based in Santa Cruz, CA. Working often with traditional medias such as bronze, lithography, and woodcutting, he's been able to create various originals instead of synthetic recreations - a nod at the previous abundance of craftsmanship. Growing up by the coast, with ocean sports woven into his life, he's developed a deep appreciation for the ocean. This directly translates into his recent work as he draws on imagery from nautical folklore of antiquity or from classic american iconography. He's produced work for Outsite Santa Cruz - Seabright.

Johanna Van Parijs - Outsite Santa Teresa

Originally from Belgium, Johanna Van Parijs grew up exploring her artistic creativity from a young age. She now works as a mixed media artist, interior designer, and intuitive healer in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica. Motivated by the ways art can serve as an instrument of healing, she plays with the transformation of figures through measurements, rhythm, and symbols to answer questions about life. Drawing on her tropical surroundings, much of her work begins as a collage and eventually transforms into something bigger. These pieces hang throughout Outsite Santa Teresa, accentuating the spirit of this small beach town.

David López

David López is a muralist based out of Managua, Nicaragua. His playful and colorful murals dress the walls of Outsite San Juan del Sur.

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