Feed Bali - COVID-19 Relief Fund

How to donate directly to a local charity based on the island, to help local families.

Published on
July 31, 2020

Earlier this year, the world went into lockdown. We've been feeling the effects all over the world, but Bali has been hit particularly hard. 

#FeedBali Fundraiser Update

Thanks to the incredible generosity of the Outsite Community and extended network, we collectively raised $2,815.00 USD for Balinese families in need. 100% of the funds were transferred to Feed Bali and helped feed over 90 families for 2 weeks. 

Outsite is so grateful to the 50+ donors and everyone who shared the fundraiser with friends, families, and on social media. Thank you for supporting the island’s local economy and community during these unprecedented times!

And while the fundraiser may have ended, the island of Bali is still in need of help. Airports and borders did not open as planned in September and the economic impact continues to worsen amongst the most vulnerable families and villages. Because of this, Feed Bali, our local partner and fundraiser beneficiary, has received an increase in demand. Please consider donating directly to Feed Bali to continue helping the families hit hardest during the pandemic.


80% of Bali’s economy relies on tourism.
 The borders have been shut since April, and they are not likely to open til September. In March, it was estimated that 25.1 million people in Indonesia were living in poverty - it’s estimated that the impact of COVID will push that to 30 million. 

This island has fond memories for us, and we're sure it does for you, too. We — Outsite — operate a coliving space in Canggu and are committed to the people of Bali, which is why we're raising funds for a local charity.

100% of funds raised will be given directly to Feed Bali, a local organization that sprung up to provide Covid-19 emergency food relief. Feed Bali was founded by married couple Adi (Balinese) and Frances (Canadian) and are supported by their local team of package assemblers, drivers and organizers. They document every cost, every donation, and every single family who receives food, so we are entirely confident in their transparency and ability to reach the most in need families on the island.

Feed Bali’s Process:

  1. Working with the local village leaders to identify the families most in need
  2. Buying food from local markets and directly from local farmers.
  3. Assembling and delivering food packages to the identified families. Food packages contain a healthy mix of carbs, veggies, fruits, immunity building spices, protein, flavour, and oil.

With our goal of $1,500 USD, we aim to feed 50 families of 4 for 2 weeks. To help reach our goal, Outsite will match the first $250 USD of donations with an additional $250 USD.

**Update: After reaching our initial goal, we've increased it to $3,000. This will feed 50 families for 1 month.**

The island means so much to all of us: Outsite has called Bali home for years and many of our staff are Balinese. We are committed to the long term health of the local economy and community in both good and challenging times.

The Balinese have warmly welcomed people from all over the globe. Now that tourism has halted, it’s our collective responsibility to step up and give back. 

Donate to the Feed Bali Fundraiser.

Please donate, tell others who love Bali, and share on social media. 

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