New to Digital Nomadism // An Interview with Outsite Guest Pam Soubrier

Remote work is appealing to any level of employee, but you need to possess a specific set of personality and lifestyle traits to be successful.

Published on
June 27, 2018

Pam is a regular of Outsite’s Venice and Santa Cruz properties. She is also an accomplished bilingual, remote businesswoman specializing in French translation and Market research.

Pam was born in Paris and educated in English. She worked in advertising for over 10 years, adapting international campaigns for local markets - making them culturally sound and accurate.

Like many remote workers before her, Pam decided to take a leap of faith and quit her “9-to-5” job. We sat down with Pam to learn a bit more about her transition.

Outsite: Tell us a bit more about your company. 

Pam: I was thinking about what I could do remotely, which skills I had strengthened over the years and felt confortable with. It occurred to me that during my many years in the advertising field, a lot of people would ask me to translate, put my voice on video materials or consult me on consumers insights. This came from having a double American and French culture. 

So I came up with the idea of a language service-oriented concept, that I called “Frenchology”.

A catchall term, which could welcome many other different organic skills in time, starting with translation, voice-over and marketing strategy.

I am confident today it was the right approach. I now have a good understanding of the remote work market in translation. I am moving nowadays towards subtitling, which I really enjoy doing based on my background.


Outsite: What are you working on now? 

Pam: I work with Netflix to verify French translation (proofreading) and control the quality of assets (audio and timed text). It is close to what I use to do in advertising, except that the video materials are 45 minutes long! I really like translating or proofreading pop culture.

At the same time, I am moderating French consumers on an online platform for a marketing study. I monitor their answers to open questions issued from a discussion guide, then I analyze their feedback once the study is closed and write a marketing recommendation in English.

Besides working with Google, I am also speaking with translation agencies to work for Twitter and Snapchat.

Outsite: Where will your travels take you next?

The best part of my new work is I can do this from anywhere! From a boat, hotel lobby, Internet café to many other co-working spaces in Paris, to Outsite properties in Santa Cruz and LA. I hope Brooklyn soon!

My husband is currently traveling in Europe for work, so I’m going to meet him in the south of France. Then we are going to Italy for 2 months.  

Outsite: What brought you to Outsite? 

When I quit my job, I was starting from scratch. I researched communities of remote workers so I could learn, and meet people like me who decided to take a risk and set out on their own. It was a lifestyle target research like I used to doing in advertising, except I was part of it!

That’s when I found Outsite.  I really enjoy witnessing there’s so many of us, freelancers, making work and travel possible. I feel like we are a new generation, crafting a new lifestyle model, breaking codes from the past. We are leading the way!

I believe that if I had stayed in an office, I would have not met so many diverse and stimulating people from around the world as a part of the Outsite community.

Words: Annie Brown // Outsite Guest Admirer

Photographs: Outsite

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