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The Ultimate Guide to Coliving [FREE EBOOK]

Whether you are considering coliving yourself, or just want to learn more, this is your complete guide to coliving companies, data and resources.

It’s the age of disruption. Every major industry is either in the process of disruption, or people are talking about how it will be The Next Big Thing to happen. From shared cars to filling extra space in your suitcase transporting items for others; the world has begun to take advantage of surplus space through the rise of the sharing economy. The housing industry is no exception.

The rise of coworking is a natural predecessor for widespread co-living: the concept that people can live in a shared space without recreating the feeling of living in a college dorm. Taking advantage of large houses and lonely millennials, co-living has become the newest disruption of surplus space. While there are certainly bumps on the road ahead of the new co-living industry players – legislation, supply and demand, and the standard stresses of shared accommodation–, the future looks too bright.

Co-living, at its core, is a diverse concept that is difficult to accurately describe in its many forms. That said, there are some commonalities in the co-living experience: shared kitchens and living spaces, shared amenities, more residents than an average housing situation, and the presence of a coworking space. Additionally, almost all co-living spaces offer multiples lease options: nightly, weekly, and monthly residents all reside together.

We decided to take a deep look at co-living: the past, present, and future of this industry we are proud to be a part of. Here at Outsite, we have a special interest in helping educate others about co-living, and this piece is a means to do that. Whether you’ve considered living in a co-living space or have never heard the term before, this guide will give you the information you need to understand this movement – not trend – in the housing industry.

Whether you are considering coliving yourself, or just want to learn more, Outsite's free ebook "The Ultimate Guide to Coliving" contains detailed research, interviews, and everything you need to be well-informed.

Chapters include: 

- Data & Trends 

- Cotravel Guide 

- Models of CoLiving

- Directory of LocationS

- A Day in the Life of a Coliving Resident 

- Tips, Tricks & Etiquette 

- The Future of Coliving


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Words: Annie Brown // Co-living co-author

Photographs: Outsite

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