6 Hot Travel Apps to Try on Your Next Trip

The best apps for travel.

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June 26, 2018

We’re not even going to mention Uber, Google Flights, TripIt or any other essential travel app you probably already use. Instead we wanted to highlight a few of the lesser known apps - some of them new for 2018 - that might add that extra ray of sunshine to your next trip. Whether it’s helping you pack the perfect suitcase or guiding you straight to the best cup of coffee in town…


Love travelling but find everything about the airport stressful? Well airport appFLIO

can take the hassle out of living the high life, from providing real time flight information to easily bookable lounge access. It also maps entire airports, so can lead you quick-smart to the nearest place to charge your phone or that sweet sunglasses shop you vaguely remember from last time - no more ambling around looking lost. It will even tell you the best way to get into the city when you arrive, or give you ideas for things to do on a layover. Plus there’s plenty of offers on dining, shopping and spas - pre-flight full-body massages, here we come!

2. Outbound 

 Just landed at one of our beautiful locations, Lake Tahoe maybe, and want to know what kind of adventures await? Check out Outbound - a community of travellers who enjoy being active and exploring off-the-beaten-track. You’ll find lots of inspiration among the unique travel stories, illustrated with amazing images, that detail experiences from day hikes to wild swimming trips. If you’re into photography, you’ll also love the ideas on where to go to get that epic travel shot. And you can be sure the information is reliable as all community content is not just curated to make sure it’s relevant but also fact-checked.

3. LiveTrekker 

 We all know life’s a journey, but on this app you can actually see that journey - live. Your entire trip is traced on a map, and embedded with all the awesome digital content you create along the way, from those dreamy pink and purple shots of LA sunsets to that video of your favourite Austin gig. At the end you’ll have a complete, searchable digital journal - everything in one place - as a souvenir of all those magical moments. It also synchronises happily with the Cloud, making it simple to share treasured memories with friends and family over email or on social media.

4. SoloTraveller  

 Digital nomads are no stranger to solo travel. That’s why at Outsite community is central to all our spaces - from big, comfy lounges where everyone can congregate to BBQs in the garden and group socials. This often leads to new friendships as well as business contacts. Still, there are always more people to meet - and SoloTraveller can help put you in touch with them. Find a travel mate nearby with similar interests to you and you’ll have someone else to share special local experiences with - you might think no one else shares your niche interest in puppeteering or artisan pickles, but they’re bound to be out there somewhere. You can also get top tips from your peers using the CareToShare feature, like where to find the best fish taco truck or an intense early morning yoga class. Some also use the app as a safe way of connecting with travel buddies for onward adventures. 

5. Beanhunter  

 Coffee-lovers know any decent day’s exploration starts with a strong caffeine kick. But clearly, with all the incredible single origins there are out there these days, you don’t want any old cup of Joe. Beanhunter helps you discover the best cafes, wherever you are in the world, as well as share your passionate reviews with other people who get as buzzed-up about an Ethiopian Gigesa as you do - now was that a note of chamomile you detected or something more fruit-forward? 

6. PackPoint 

If you spend hours agonising over how many pairs of socks to pack but forget virtually every other useful thing, or just leave it all till the morning of your flight and end up frantically throwing in random ball gowns, ski pants and hair straighteners you’ll never use - you need PackPoint. As any logical person should do, but most of us don’t, it checks the weather where you’re going, then ascertains how long you’ll be away for and what you plan to do when you reach your destination (e.g. surfing, shopping… working?). From all this it then builds you a custom packing list, which you can adjust if needed and share with other travellers heading in the same direction. It even factors in all the boring but essential paperwork, according to your destination, such as visas, vaccination certificates and yes - that all-important passport!

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Words: Hannah Stuart-Leach

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