How to Find Digital Nomad Communities

A comprehensive list of top eleven tips to find digital nomad communities online, including Facebook groups, coliving groups and digital nomad Reddit.

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March 8, 2019
Life on the road as a digital nomad can be isolating - here are 11 ways to find other remote workers travelling the world.

1. Outsite Member Hub

With an Outsite Membership, you'll be granted access to our Member Hub, a community-based platform built around hosting conversation, networking opportunities, and helping members plan their future stays with us. It's designed to be an all-in-one place for members to have quick access to everything they'd need - think: upcoming events, a member directory, membership perks, and details about specific spaces. It also features various conversation boards and lifestyle groups where members can chat about everything from collaborations to surfing in Oahu.

Members: 2,700 at the time of writing
Best for: Professionals working remotely and travelling

2. Facebook Groups for Remote Workers

Facebook has no shortage of groups, both public and private, for digital nomads to find a nomadic community or nomad events. There are very general groups for digital nomads such as Digital Nomads Around The World and then some that are a little more specific, like The Solo Female Traveler Network. If you’re a member of a coworking or coliving service, you can check if they have their own Facebook groups for members. You can also find location specific Facebook groups, where you’ll have a better chance of making connections that you can take offline.

Members: Typically 1,000's
Best for: Making connections in a new location

3. Digital Nomad Reddit

The digital nomad Reddit thread has more than 1 million users at the time of writing, all engaging with content around being a digital nomad - where are the best places to travel? What do people really think of Bali? Where are the best coliving spaces? Check out the digital nomad Reddit.

Members: 1 million
Best for: Local travel tips and advice

digital nomad reddit

4. Slack Groups

Slack is a great, slightly more professional focused platform for finding a nomadic community. One major Slack group is Nomads Talk. In their group, you can chat with other members, be notified of Nomad Talk’s digital nomad events, and even chat in location specific channels within the group. Popular digital nomad resource site Nomad List has their own large Slack community, but you have to pay to be a Nomad List member in order to participate. You can also use Slofile, a website dedicated to helping users find Slack channels. This is a great way to find digital nomad groups as well as any other profession or location specific groups you’re looking for.

Members: Varies
Best for: Anyone wanting to chat about all things digital nomad

5. Station Yourself In Digital Nomad Hubs

By staying in a city that’s known to be digital nomad hub like Lisbon, Portugal, you’re way more likely to find nomad events being held. There are several cities known to foster nomadic communities. Some examples are Chiang Mai, Thailand, Canngu, Bali, Seoul, South Korea, and Mexico City, Mexico. Digital nomads flock to these locations for their liveability, low cost of living, and (usually!) fast wifi. In cities like these, you’ll easily find a nomadic community, since so many people are in the same exact boat there. Be on the lookout for flyers at coffee shops and hostels for nomad events. Hostels and coliving locations in digital nomad cities often hold networking events for nomads.

Best for: All digital nomads and remote workers

6. Find A Coworking Space

Of course we all love working out of coffee shops, but joining a coworking space and working from there once in a while can certainly help you to find a nomadic community. Many coworking spaces offer day or week passes so you don’t have to commit to a long term financial obligation if you aren’t staying in the same place for a long period of time. It’s likely that you’ll run into other digital nomads and location independent folks, especially in a popular nomad city. Plus, working in a coworking space is also a great way to boost your productivity.

Members: Varies
Best for: Digital nomads looking for community and a conducive working space

7. Stay In A Coliving Space

Staying in a coliving space is certainly one of the best ways to find a nomadic community. At a coliving and coworking space like Outsite you’ll be able to live and co-work with like minded digital nomads from all over the world! Not only will you have people to work with and network with, but you’ll also be able to build friendships. Never has it been easier for digital nomads to get together in one place to work and play! Coliving and coworking spaces are definitely a better bet for meeting other digital nomads as opposed to hostels filled with partiers or an isolated Airbnb.

Members: Varies
Best for: Anyone looking to meet and network with other digital nomads


The name of the website says it all! The site is an easy way to find all sorts of meetups, including nomad events. You can search for digital nomad specific meetups or ones catered to specific professions. When you’ve arrived in a specific location, it’s easy to search for upcoming nearby events.

Members: Varies
Best for: Digital nomads searching for upcoming events

9. Go On A Digital Nomad “Retreat”

There are a bunch of retreats and programs that organize travel, lodging, and excursions for you and a group of other digital nomads. This can be a stress free way to find a digital nomad community since all of the logistics of your travel are taken care of. Plus, you’ll be a part of a group that’s all in this together while working and traveling. Some examples are Nomad Cruise (yes, literally a cruise specifically for digital nomads), Unsettled (which offers destination specific trips around a month long), and Remote Year (which offers programming for either 4 months or a full year). Outsite also runs retreats - sign up for the waitlist here.

Members: Generally 5-20 - Nomad Cruise and Remote Year are known for larger programs (100+)
Best for: Digital nomads looking for a pre-planned adventure

10. Language and Local Courses

Staying in a foreign country where you don't speak the language? Perfect - consider it an opportunity to enroll in a course where you can improve your language skills and meet other foreigners staying in the same area for an extended period of time. This could also be a great way to connect with locals as many language schools can pair you up with a native speaker to practice with.

There are plenty of other courses or classes available to remote workers, too. Think: cooking, scuba diving, yoga, ceramics. The list goes on. Extended courses will help to introduce you to a community of likeminded people who are probably sticking around for a while.

Members: Varies
Best for: Anyone looking to pick up a new skill during their travels

11. Events for Remote Workers

Events and conferences geared towards connecting digital nomads and remote workers are hosted regularly across the globe. Many are held online or in beautiful places like Tuscany, Bali, and South Africa. A few of the most noteable of these events are Nomad Summit, Running Remote, and 7in7 Digital Nomad Conference. Some are even held at sea, like those put on by Nomad Cruise , a traveling conference dedicated to digital nomads.

Smaller events can be just as successful in connecting you with fellow nomads. Similarly to Meetup, Facebook is a great tool for finding nearby events. A quick search under events for "digital nomad" will let you choose a city and view upcoming events.

Members: Varies
Best for: Digital nomads looking for professional development and networking opportunities

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