14 Tips For Making Your Current Job Remote

Advice from 14 digital nomads on how to get to location independence.

Published on
September 13, 2018

Trying to bridge the gap between your current role and becoming location independent? Here are the top tips from the Outsite Community on how to make your job more remote friendly - and ultimately, how to become location independent.

These tips are best suited to those in professions slightly more adapted to online work. If you'd like to learn what these are, make sure to read the Outsite Remote Work Survey 2018.

  1. “Negotiate! You don’t ask, you don’t get.”
  2. “It’s easier than ever before! If you don’t want to venture out on your own and freelance, talk to your company about the many positives of giving employees time to work remotely (it cuts down on absenteeism and boosts productivity!)”
  3. “Look for a progressive field.”
  4. “Communicating with your team and supervisor is key. The more transparent you are and available, the easier it’ll be to give them the confidence to let you work remotely.”
  5. “Have a plan. Find like minded communities while working. Keep good working habits and time blocks to accomplish your daily and weekly tasks.”
  6. “Accept that you may have to look for many jobs and get comfortable with rejection.”
  7. “Find a routine that forces you to focus on the job at hand. Had I not approached my transition to remote work with this mantra, I would be stuck at home, focusing on the daily home tasks—dishes, laundry, vacuuming, etc. Instead, I disciplined myself with the 9-5 of coffee shops and coworking spaces, which makes days I stay home now more focused.”
  8. “Simple living, big ideas, curiosity, discovery are key.”
  9. “The biggest hurdle is getting buy-in from your employer/clients. Prove to them you can work in a location-independent fashion by easing into it (spending 1 day out of office, then 2, so on...).”
  10. If you build an efficient business the easier it is to be remote. Make sure to implement collaboration tools (Slack, WhatsApp, Google Docs, DropBox and more) to ensure open communication while you work remotely.”
  11. “Think about scenarios where you’d get pushback, and have multiple solutions ready.”
  12. “Give yourself time to find your own rhythm.Learn how to recognize when you have a burst of productive energy, and know when to shut down. Automate or delegate as many tasks as possible to others or use software. Sort out your taxes.”
  13. “Make the decision and just do it.”
  14. “Start small and rock it, then introduce more and more remote time, and keep rocking it. Basically I found that as long as people keep acknowledging a positive experience working with a remote staff, the ability to work remote increases. Also, be sure to send well timed emails so that people always remember that you are in fact working.”

Want more tips on making your job remote? Make sure to download our free eBook on Remote Work - including types of digital nomad jobs and salaries!

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