How to Practice Social Distancing with Housemates

It's not the easiest time to share a kitchen. Here are our tips for coliving during COVID-19.

Published on
March 18, 2020

Coliving and social distancing definitely don't go hand in hand, but there are some extra precautions you can take while coliving to avoid contracting COVID-19, and making your roommates feel more comfortable.

1. Talk about it.

Have a house meeting and discuss what each of you are doing to prevent spread. This could include discussing what everyone is doing individually as far as social distancing, and a plan for the house. Have an open and honest discussion about your feelings on housemates socializing outside of the house, and be realistic about the potential risks of germs being brought into the house if your housemates are not social distancing. The current advice from the CDC is to be at least 6-feet away from non-family members. For coliving - this means folks who aren't your roommates.

2. Clean frequently.

At Outsite, we encourage guests to clean up after themselves in the common areas at all times, but this is especially important right now. Be sure to thoroughly wash all dishes and utensils you use (dishwasher only, sanitize setting), and you can even use disinfecting wipes to wipe down counters and kitchen supplies after using them. All materials are included with Outsite Spaces. Of course, you should be washing your hands frequently, too.

3. Keep your distance.

Just because you all live in the same house, doesn't mean you have to all hang out close together in the same room. Many Outsite bedrooms have their own desks – perfect for calls or focused work. Getting outside is also really important for your physical and mental health. Take calls from the backyard when you can, and if your country is still permits it, make sure to head out on a solo run or walk once a day. Just remember the 6-foot radius if you run into anyone.

Want to learn more about coliving during Corona Virus? Read our FAQ on COVID-19 at Outsite, and check out our founder's blog post on why we're staying open.

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