How to Restructure Your Office for the Future of Work

Take a look at these studies from different coworking environments around the world.

Published on
December 12, 2018

Outsite Member Cacilie Lotz has been researching how teams and individuals are staying creative and connected as the future of work changes. The information here has been collected from 40 coworkers around the world, in 11 different coworking environments.

Cacilie: The digital lifestyle, the feeling of freedom and globalization offer many new possibilities, ways and methods to work, regardless of place and time. Coworking spaces become a third place for freelance and remote workers, a location, in which they aim for company, community and networking – away from home.

The growth and rise of Coworking spaces and, more recently also Coliving Spaces, recently updated definitions for terms such as digital nomads and other relevant factors reflect the significance and its impact for a future oriented and flexible work- life- situation and lifestyle.

As part of my research for my bachelor thesis “INNOVATIVE ASPECTS OF COWORKING – lessons learned for structuring the work environment as part of innovation management” I have reflected various Coworking arrangements in Berlin, Copenhagen, San Francisco, New York and Los Angeles and their innovative concepts as well as interviewed over 40 remote workers worldwide to evaluate their explicit needs, wants and motives.

This issue is highly recommended concerning its impact on topics such as digitization globalization, flexibility, connectivity, coworking, knowledge management, innovation management system, future workforce, human resource policy.

This little infographic displays my research. Hope you enjoy it and I would love to discuss on further topics, such as innovative aspects of the future work environment, how innovation, entrepreneurship and creativity are fostered or how you enhance your employees’ work– life balance!

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