Humans of Outsite: who uses Outsite?

Find out about the digital nomads and entrepreneurs you might meet on your next Outsite stay.

Curious about who stays in Outsite? We've recently completed a survey to find out more about our guests - read on, or watch the video above to get the vibe. 

What's the average age of a guest in Outsite? 34

How long do they stay? 2-4 weeks

Do they have a home? 36% have a constant homebase. The remaining 66% have either a part time home base, or no home base.

Are they all digital nomads? 76.5% of Guests are location independent to a degree. This means they can travel where and when they want. The remaining percentage travel for business and pleasure.

Want to learn more about the Humans of Outsite? Read about Somto, a full-time travel blogger from California, Tibor, a Slovakian designer working for a bartending app, or Anna, an entrepreneur splitting her time between Oslo and New York.

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