Steps To Improve Your Wellbeing with @thenowwithnat

How to hack your home environment for better wellbeing.

Published on
July 22, 2020

We recently hosted a Members Event with wellness coach Natalie (@thenowwithnat). Natalie focused on how to change your environment, beliefs and mindfulness for better well being - here are her top tips.

How to improve your environment:

  • Review what changes you can make at home - your outer environment affects your internal environment. How is your home environment? Can you make it feel more calming?
  • Consider what you consume, including books or music.
  • How do you feel about your work? Are you happy with your current job? What little changes can you make for your workplace to feel better? Even if that is your home office, check out whether you can improve your space.


Write down home, media, and work - what changes can you make in all three categories? Rating 1 (being the worst) and 5 (being the best) - where do you score for home, media and work, and how can you improve?

How to decrease your limiting beliefs:

  • Our thoughts dictate our reality. Beliefs are conditioned perceptions that are built upon old memories of pain and pleasure. These memories are based on how we have interpreted and emotionalized our experiences over time.
  • By attaching ourselves emotionally to people, events, and circumstances, we effectively build the foundations of our belief systems - an example of this is ‘you need to work hard and overtime to make money’
  • Psychological rules or commands integrated to the nervous system, so you begin to feel stressed or anxious when you divert from the norm
  • Need to make sure in alignment with US and what we want
  • Our beliefs will determine our expectations and perceptions of reality

Challenges to overcome your limiting beliefs:

  • 1 - Not feeling our emotions. Our feelings are our activators and superpowers. Be aware of what triggers certain emotions.
  • 2 - Listening to your feelings. Be aware of what your ‘gut’ is telling you.
  • 3 - Being stuck in the headspace of fear. Just because you’ve previously been told you have to work overtime to make money, it does not make it true. Consciously start to dismantle the fear mindset, and move towards a new belief system to overcome it.

How to start living in the now:

  • Time is an illusion. Stop thinking and saying you do not have enough time.
  • What causes stress and dis-ease within the body is living out of alignment with the now
  • Only through acting and living in the present can you get to the future. Do not spend all day daydreaming about a future time
  • We must not give our goals a "due date" in the future. This brings in more stress and makes them further away - when you really could be bringing them into your reality now.
  • By focusing on this moment, we can attract what we really desire


Write down 10 goals (short term and long term) starting with I am and ending with now.


I am working with 5 new clients a month, now.

I am living by the beach, now.

I am traveling for work, now.  

Natalie is a Wellness Coach, Yoga/Meditation Teacher, and Guidance Card Reader. She produces and co-hosts podcast shows for both the Global Travel Channel and Brains Behind AI, and is launching her own podcast soon. Natalie is from the US, but has been living abroad for over three years. Connect with her on Instagram.

Natalie is currently offering free consultations to all Outsite Members - check out how you can become a Member here.

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