Meet Outsite Member: Conni Biesalski

As part of our ongoing series featuring guests at Outsite, meet Conni Biesalski. Conni runs Germany's biggest travel blog, Planet Backpack.

Published on
June 27, 2018

As part of our ongoing series featuring guests at Outsite, we're excited to introduce Conni Biesalski. Conni runs Germany's biggest travel blog, Planet Backpack, as well as a blogging school, Blog Camp. While she calls Bali her home base now, she's regularly traveling, practicing yoga, meditation, and surfing along the way. We caught up with Conni after her recent stay at the San Diego location to learn more about the projects she was working on and what drew her to staying at Outsite in the first place.


Tell us a little about yourself and your background.

I help people to live and work location-independent while embracing a conscious, healthy and spiritual lifestyle. As you mentioned, I created Germany’s biggest travel blog Planet Backpack ( and run an online school for professional blogging ( I am a wandering surf-yogi, certified yoga teacher, spiritual freedom seeker and I live on a plant-based diet. Turning to yoga, meditation and spirituality has changed my life, the way I work and travel completely.


Where did you hear about Outsite, and what was appealing about spending time at Outsite?

I must have found Outsite through Facebook somewhere I think. The house in Encinitas sounded perfect for me, as it offered an in-house coworking space, living with other like-minded online entrepreneurs AND surfing right outside the doorstep. I was right in the middle of my 30 Day YouTube Challenge, so I was shooting, editing and uploading a vlog-style video every day. Outsite was a great chapter in that series.

Where did the inspiration for the 30 Day YouTube Challenge come from?

I follow a few vloggers on YouTube (e.g. Casey Neistat) and was inspired to give it a try myself. I wanted to properly learn how to make videos and show my followers my life as it happens in reality, without any filter. And in the end, I love challenging myself and see how far I can stretch my comfort zone. It was definitely one of the best things I have ever done.

What are your three favorite memories from the 30 Day YouTube Challenge?

I loved taking my viewers on my daily morning wave check down to the beach, where I would usually also film some timelapses. I also really enjoyed filming around the house and showing how awesome coliving/coworking is. The Outsite house and Encinitas was a great environment for me to be during my 30 day challenge as it really reflected my ideal lifestyle!


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Keep up with Conni's adventures on her blog, Planet Backpack, and see her YouTube videos from her time at Outsite San Digeo – you can find them as videos #16 to #27 on this playlist.

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