Inside Outsite: Dinner in San Diego with Matt Moo

Outsite member Matt Moo is a busy digital nomad in the B2B hardware and IoT space. He also loves cooking - check out his recent works!

Outsite member, Matt Moo, is a busy digital nomad: he's a B2B gadget maker in the Internet of Things space and founder of Whizzy Thingy, specializing in GPS and sensor technology. Some of his clients include Facebook, Microsoft, the United States Postal Service, Stagecoach, and the US Air Force. Matt is also a foodie – if you follow him on Instagram, you know it's true. All over the world, he loves sharing photos of the food he eats, as well as the food he cooks. During one of his recent stays at Outsite San Diego, he cooked dinner for everyone in the house. 


The photos looked so good that we had to share, plus some others from Matt's food adventures in and around the San Diego villa, as well as some from the Outsite barbecue earlier this year. Get ready to get hungry looking at these photos! 


Matt is a big fan of several restaurants and bars near Outsite San Diego.  He can be found at the Regal Seagull nearly every Tuesday, leading the Outsite team in rousing rounds of trivia over pints of local beer.  

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