Is Outsite couple-friendly?

Can couples 'do' coliving too? And do couples start within Outsite?

Published on
October 13, 2020

Wondering whether coliving is for couples? 

In a recent survey, we found that 35% of Outsite Members are in a relationship. Not only are our Members travelling with their partners, but couples have started within Outsite, too.

Andra met her partner Alex in February 2020. 'I met my boyfriend in San Fran while he was living at the Pac Heights house, and I lived at the Mission house! We came to stay with my family after Covid hit, and did so after knowing each other for only 4 weeks. I think this is because if someone is staying at an Outsite you’re more likely to have the same values in common - it was easy to get to know each other.'

Sam and Sammi have been together for 2 years. 'I really enjoyed my stays at Outsite as a lone traveler as it always made for a soft landing in a foreign city. There were interesting people to meet and affordable yet luxurious shared accommodations. Now that I'm traveling with my girlfriend, Outsite is just as perfect. We can still meet other cool travelers while having our privacy, without the insanity of a party hostel atmosphere. It's really a best of both worlds scenario.'

We've recently made it much more simple to book with your partner at Outsite. There is a $15 flat rate for an extra guest, wherever you are in the world.

We asked 5 digital nomad couples for their tips on travelling together here. You can find all information on booking extra guests when staying with Outsite, here.

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