Growing Businesses with Jessica Holsapple

Part-time digital nomad Jessica Holsapple discusses her two biggest passions: traveling and being a consultant. 

Published on
December 11, 2019

The Essentials:

  • ‍Hometown: From Phoenix, Arizona, but currently based out of Los Angeles
  • Born in: 1985
  • Lifestyle: Hybrid 
  • Projects: Managing Director and Organizational Development Consultant at SCG Consulting Group
  • Industry: Business Services

My Background

‘I'm originally from Phoenix, Arizona. I was relocated to Denver, Colorado for the company I was with in 2014. In 2016, I found employment in LA where I've been based since. In the last 5 years, I've been discovering my passions and educating myself on my chosen industry. I've been primarily focused on building my business and designing a lifestyle that incorporates my greatest passions: traveling and consulting. The last 5 years have been an incredible learning experience and I've truly discovered myself as well as defined and aligned my interests and personal goals.’

Working from Outsite Lisbon

Current Projects

‘As a consultant, I support growing businesses virtually and in person which means I have the amazing opportunity to get to meet spectacular teams all across the world. I am currently supporting a few businesses virtually while also working onsite with a client in Athens, Greece. I specialize in Organizational Development which often means I also take on a role of interim Operations Director/COO for companies that are at a critical growth phase and require support in building their teams and operational systems. The current project I am on in Greece is a Non-Profit and I'm thrilled to have the opportunity to dedicate a segment of my business to support the needs of underserved communities. As a consultant and Executive Leadership Coach, I welcome the opportunity to partner with any growing organization or entrepreneur who is looking for guidance and thought partnerships with how to take their theoretical ideas and turn them into actionable plans that are easy to buy into. Together, we can find simple solutions to build your high-performance team.’

Exploring Lisbon

What's next for me?

‘I’m in the beginning phases of a book. SCG is seeking branding and assistance with messaging.’

My Outsite Experience

‘I've attended and spoken at events as well as stayed in Venice, California. I've also stayed in and utilized the coworking space in Lisbon, Portugal. I've made incredible lifelong business and personal connections through this community. While traveling for work, Outsite provides spaces that I know will be centrally located in the city, have a great and safe space and offer the workspace I need at an affordable price. I love knowing that no matter where I am in the world, there's likely to be an Outsite that I can easily book and feel confident in so I can concentrate on what I'm there to do.’

Roommates at Outsite Lisbon

Nomad advice

‘Personally, I made the decision to base my travel primarily around work. Given that I'm often traveling for contracts and/or conferences, I love knowing that there's a purpose for my travel while I also get to explore and enjoy the cities I visit. I think discovering this distinction for yourself is critically important. Don't feel pressured to jump in on the nomadic lifestyle if it doesn't suit you. If you're fortunate enough to have the ability to work remotely, you can still focus on building your clientele or adapting to this new way of working while also having the opportunity to see the world. Stability and securing your baseline needs (food, shelter, security, safety) first will make you better in all areas of your life. Design a lifestyle that fits your goals and desires and don't compare yourself with anyone else's journey!’

Exploring Lisbon at Sunset

What's got me excited

Having business partners (clients) that I'm deeply aligned with, writing my forthcoming book pertaining to Organizational Development, and exploring Greece!

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