Meet Digital Nomad Jamila Fakiri, Yoga Instructor and Freelancer

How to go from working for a Big 4 in finance, to freelancing and teaching yoga.

Published on
January 5, 2022

The Essentials:

  • Hometown: Casablanca, Morocco
  • Born in: 1983
  • Lifestyle: Nomadic
  • Employer: Self Employed
  • Industry: Investment Funds

Meditation moment at Outsite Santa Teresa

Tell us a bit about yourself:

I was born in Casablanca Morocco, and then moved to Europe with my family for my studies. I did my master’s degree at a French business school, HEC, and then received a specialized diploma in the United Kingdom. I got my first job in finance within a big 4 firm where I gained valuable experience in audit, risk management, investment funds, strategy, and corporate finance. After a successful big 4 experience, I moved to banking and joined Credit Suisse where I lead change management projects assisting the CEO and COO to implement the Group strategy for the European subsidiaries. While at Credit Suisse, one of my clients asked me to join their investment team in London and manage a global Real Estate Fund they launched at that moment.

The last 5 years spent in London were marvelous. I evolved professionally and personally. Extended my network and enjoyed the international diversity that the city offers. Career-wise, I was also successful in my role where the fund I managed maintained a good performance despite the COVID outbreak.

On the personal side, the lockdown in London has been life changing. I started a daily meditation practice and enrolled for a yoga teaching program. After some deep reflection, I decided to travel and enjoy a more nomadic life.

What are you working on currently?

I had a challenging and fulfilling career in banking and investment funds. Throughout my experience, I was leading valuable projects that did teach me to be rigorous and consistent.

Besides my banking skills, I have also a passion for yoga and fashion, and I decided to combine both of my passions and work on a clothing project in Los Angeles, California that aims to use sustainable fabrics and involve women associations in poor communities. The project is still in the development phase and as such, I can’t share details at this stage yet, but I will share with the community once this project is live. In addition, I do teach yoga for charity purposes. Part of the money I collect goes to an association I am sponsoring and called “Plan International”. This association aims to provide children in poor communities around the world to have access to education. I believe knowledge is power and sponsoring kids from this association is a step to one of my dreams to set up a school in the Atlas Mountains in Morocco. Helping young people around the world in fulfilling their dreams feels indeed rewarding.

I hope to inspire people in picking good fights and investing time in causes they believe in. I would like also to inspire people in using their passions and to get socially involved for a better World.

Teaching Yoga for Outsite Members in Santa Teresa

What's next for you?

I am looking forward to continuing to teach yoga for charity purposes. I'm also working towards my independent director
certificate so that I can act as a board member for illiquid investment funds that invest in sustainable investments.

Tell us about your experience with Outsite so far.  

My Outsite experience is tremendous. I love the location of the houses, the safety, the community, and much more. The houses offer a quiet and nice coworking space where you can focus. Outsite attracts many talented and like-minded people. It’s interesting to connect with an international crowd and listen to each one’s background and stories. Many of the people I met at Outsite became good friends and some very close friends.

Learning to surf in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica was one of my best souvenirs. Sunday brunches with homemade French toasts, Thanksgiving gatherings in Venice, Los Angeles, and Barbecue nights in San Diego were good times too!

The best about Outsite is the community and friendships we create!

Do you have any tips or recommendations that have helped you navigate the nomadic lifestyle?

Keep an open mind to opportunities that come your way. Nomadic life can be challenging as we are far from family and loved ones. However, we can build up strong connections with like-minded people and some friendships might last a lifetime. Keeping a daily routine is something I will recommend as well. I like to start my day with a morning meditation that helps me to set a strong and positive mindset for the rest of the day.

Outsite view in Santa Teresa Costa is breath taking.

What's got you excited these days?

I recently had the idea to do a beach clean-up with the Venice community manager in Los Angeles. It’s fun and environmentally friendly. Maybe it is an activity to be organized across other Outsite locations. I’ve also organized yoga and meditation classes a few times and Outsite Members seemed to enjoy it. There is something to explore here!

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