New to Digital Nomadism // Marie Clarke

Marie has been a digital nomad for more than a year and a half, living between Bali, Portugal and Hawaii.

Marie, originally from the U.K, has been a digital nomad for more than a year and a half, bouncing between Bali, Japan, Hawaii and Portugal. Check out her story.

Outsite: Tell us a bit about yourself!

Marie: I'm an Innovation Strategist for airlines. I've always loved travelling and chose to work for airlines for the flights. Luckily, I landed a remote job when waiting for a US visa.

How long have you been nomadic and what inspired this lifestyle change?

Over 18 months. My horoscope on YouTube actually inspired the change! It indicated travel, and I realised instead of working remotely from London for a US company, I could work from anywhere - there are so many cheaper, warmer countries out there to explore.

What has been the most challenging part so far?

The lack of stable relationships. You make so many temporary friends. It's fun, but it's hard to constantly say goodbye. It's also difficult to establish a solid romantic relationship when on the move.

Any crazy/fun stories you'd like to share?

Perhaps over a beer !

How does Outsite fit into your current lifestyle?

Easy, clean, convenient.

Any advice for 9-to-5 workers looking to make the leap to nomadism?

It's not easy. You need solid professional experience. Marketable skills. An understanding, trusting employer or clients.
It's also better to travel slowly than hop to other countries too often. I made that mistake and I felt exhausted and 'sea sick' after a while.

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