Nomad Stories Panel: Recap

Learn about digital nomadism from remote workers around the world.

Published on
June 4, 2020

Outsite regularly hosts Nomad Stories Panels. Our most recent took place in May 2020, during the midst of COVID. Listen to the panel here, and find out how to get in touch with the speakers.

Topics of Discussion

🗺 What prompted their desire for a location flexible lifestyle
💻 What they do for work to maintain the lifestyle🏡How coliving has played a role in their lifestyle
🌟Considerations: home base vs. no home base, work from home vs. nomadic
🔥Q&A time with the panelists

Meet the Panelists

Albert Antiquera
📍Manila, Philippines

👨💻Senior Interactive Designer, Rosetta Stone
Albert is an interactive designer by day, while making music and short horror animations for the internet at night. He looks horrible in baseball caps, but loves wearing silly hats.

Bianca Bonilla
📍Playa del Carmen, Mexico

👩💻Founder and CEO, TaxSmart
Bianca is an Entrepreneur, Bookkeeper, Tax Advisor and proud Latina. She’s the CEO and Founder of TaxSmart, a 100% virtual accounting firm as of 2020. When she’s not running her business, Bianca is traveling working remotely. Born and raised in Guatemala, Bianca is passionate about supporting Latino entrepreneurs in her home country as well as her home in Southern California. Check out her guide to digital nomad taxes here.

Vicki Stepanenko
📍North Shore, Hawaii

👩💻Owner, Media Parlour Web Design Studio
Vicki began her career in entertainment marketing, working directly with brands such as MTV, Sony Pictures, Warner Bros. Records, and Mattel to design and implement nationwide marketing campaigns. Though the entertainment industry had its perks, Vicki knew that she had skills to go freelance. After reading Tim Ferriss' The 4 Hour Work Week 10 years ago on a trip to Hawaii, the idea of lifestyle design became a high priority. Soon after, she began building small WordPress websites for friends and family, which launched into Media Parlour Web Design Studio. Vicki and her team have worked with over 200 clients since 2009. She now builds websites for music festivals, software companies, government and more from her new home in Hawaii where she's settling in nicely.

Moderator: Christina Wiese
📍Dallas, Texas

👩💻Head of Community and Events, Outsite
Christina helps organizations tell stories and build communities through events, experiences, and content development. She cut her teeth working on content marketing for the SXSW Film Festival before moving to California. In L.A., she worked as a digital strategist and writer for a boutique travel publishing company before finding a home on the Outsite team. When not in front of a laptop, you can usually find her hiking, swimming, and hammocking across the globe.

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