Now Launching: The Outsite Member Hub

This is a new and improved place for meeting Outsite Members online.

Published on
April 13, 2021

Welcome to the Outsite Member Hub — a new and improved place for meeting Outsite Members online. 

We're changing from Slack to the Member Hub. Here, Outsite's Head of Community Christina Wiese explains why.

This new, centralized community platform brings together peer conversation, networking opportunities, and helpful resources for planning future trips with Outsite. 

The Hub encompasses some of the channels we love in our current Slack Community Group (phasing out in May 2021), while introducing useful new features for building a sustainable, nomadic lifestyle as a remote worker.

Members can access the Hub on on both desktop and mobile, keeping Outsiters seamlessly connected no matter where they are in the world or what device they are on. 

Website visitors on will have limited access to view designated spaces in the Hub. This will allow more people to glimpse who makes up Outsite’s global community — representing over 40 countries — as well as glean insights and inspiration for how to design a lifestyle to work from anywhere. 

We are so excited for this next phase in keeping Outsite Members connected online, head over and start exploring the Hub today!

New Features on the Outsite Member Hub

🔎 Member Directory
Discover new connections within the community, faster. 

🎁 Easy Access to Deals and Perks
Redeem your Membership Benefits directly in the Hub.

📆 RSVP for Events
View all upcoming events and past speakers, or sign up to become a speaker.

📍Pinned Important Resources
Use Arrival Guides and Digital Nomad Guides for each Outsite Space to plan future trips.

📷 Nomad Gear Database

Browse packable items geared towards the remote worker's nomadic lifestyle and add your own recommendations.

🌊 Surf Reports 

Learn about best surf seasons, transportation needs, and the closest breaks for every Outsite Space.

Member Hub FAQ

How do I access the Hub as a Member?

You can access it on the Community page or head straight to — be sure to click “Log In” to have full access to view and post within the Hub.

What is happening to the Outsite Community Slack Group?

We are phasing out the Slack Group as part of the Outsite Member experience in May 2021. 

Why is Outsite moving away from Slack?

The short of it: Slack is not an ideal tool for building a community or a knowledge base. As we thought about building for the future, many friction points came up with continuing on Slack, notably that it is separate from the Outsite experience (you must create a separate account and download a separate app), valuable knowledge and content disappears after 10,000 messages, and the Slack’s sidebar of channels can get messy with no clear hierarchy. 

With our new community platform — the Outsite Member Hub — many of these friction points are resolved: Members simply use their Outsite Account login details to access the Hub. Conversations and knowledge will now accumulate overtime building a robust knowledge base for learning and contributing to. And the sleek, minimal design offers better organization of spaces and content.

What is happening to the local WhatsApp Groups?

We are keeping the local WhatsApp Groups, nothing is changing.

How is the Outsite Member Hub different than the local WhatsApp Groups?

The Member Hub keeps the entire Outsite Member network connected online. Members receive access as soon as their Membership application is approved, so you can start connecting with others and trip planning well before booking an Outsite Space.

The local WhatsApp Groups are only for Members staying at a specific Outsite Space. Members get access to the WhatsApp Group 3-5 days before their arrival date. The WhatsApp groups are typically used for day-to-day interactions like coordinating group dinners, sharing local happenings, and contacting the Community Manager.

Ready to join? Become an Outsite Member today.

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