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Outsite Guide: Where to Stay in Venice Beach

The ultimate guide to Venice Dell, Lincoln and Pacific.

Welcome to Venice Beach, California. Home to sandy beaches sprinkled with lifeguard stands, the famous bustling boardwalk, street art around every corner, and for those of us in the entrepreneurial and nomad world, 3 different Outsite houses.

So...with 3 options, how do you pick which one to stay, work, and play at? My name is Christina Wiese, and lucky for you, I’m the Community Manager at all 3 houses and ready to take you on a deep dive of each one.

Let’s get started.

1. The Dell House

Exterior Digs

The first Outsite house to open in Venice Beach is tucked behind a tall grove of bamboo. It’s one of my favorite features of the Dell house since it acts as a sound barrier to street noise but also filters in a nice amount of natural light; a win-win for anyone working on the patio.

The spacious outdoor rock patio features a large table and chair set, a barbecue for grilling, and string lights hung on a large tree that spans over the table. On warmer evenings, we’ll have community dinners on the patio like Meatless Mondays or Tacos and Tequila Night. Pro-Tip: If you don’t have a shaker for margaritas, you can always use a French Press.

Around the side of the house there’s also an outdoor shower for those returning from the beach.

On the backside of the house, an outdoor terrace is attached to the kitchen and dining area. The covered terrace has 3 separate tables, perfect for those wanting to work outside during the day but don’t want to fry in the sun.

Photo: Christina Wiese

Interior Goods

When you enter the main door, you immediately jump into the heart of the house. The expansive kitchen sits in front of you and the dining room and living room just beyond it to the right.

The common area—decked out in warm wooden hues, white walls, charcoal accents and greenery—plays host to coworking during the day with a large dining table, a standup desk, a big comfy couch and bean bags to lounge on.

Surrounding the common space are 4 private rooms, each one offering a slightly different accommodation (see website for bed details). Head upstairs and you’ll find a spacious shared room, complete with four twin beds. Rounding out the upstairs is large windows, an outdoor balcony with table and chairs, a huge wardrobe and closet area, and a shared bathroom. Of special note in the bathroom, you won’t want to miss the bathtub—it’s massive! Grab a glass of wine or kombucha, open the bathroom window to let the ocean breeze float in and you’re set for a nice, long soak. You deserve it.

Stay at the Dell House if you...

  • Enjoy staying in cabins or jungalows
  • Like working in natural light
  • Want to be within walking distance of Abbot Kinney and the beach

Check out Outsite Dell

2. The Pacific House

Exterior Digs

The second Outsite house to land in Venice Beach is a couple of blocks from the Dell house and only one block from the beach. Yep, you read that right. Cross one street and an alleyway and you’re in sunshine-filled beach paradise.

Upon entering the Pacific property, a large garden and patio greet you. In the garden you’ll find trees, a variety of succulents, flowers, an outdoor shower, a lounging chair, and a colossal palm tree. Other front yard amenities include a state-of-the-art grill, terrace covered table and chair set, and twinkling string lights—perfect for BBQ dinners under L.A.’s big blue skies.

Interior Goods

Similar to the Dell house, the common space of the Pacific house is located on the ground floor. The front door gives way to the living room and dining area; the kitchen just beyond that. The ceilings at Pacific are quite high and give the house an airy, modern feel which complements the white walls and slate blue design elements, including the lush velvet couch.

For those looking to set up their workspace during the day, there are many options: the large dining table, the couch area (try out the ergonomic laptop stand!), the front patio, or the side patio which you can access through sliding doors by the dining table.

From the ground floor, head upstairs for 3 private room options (see website for bed details) or downstairs for the shared room, complete with 3 twin beds and a large closet. For those staying in the shared room, check out the secluded patio attached to the room.

One thing house guests should note about the room doors in the Pacific house is that each one has a door code. This is different from the Dell and Lincoln houses which do not have room door codes. Pro-Tip: If you’re staying at Pacific be sure to memorize your code so you don’t get locked out!

Bonus: Master Studio

If you’re looking for an ultra private stay in Venice Beach, the Master Studio is your dream come true. It’s attached to our Pacific house but the Studio has its own private … everything! You will have your own private entrance, kitchen, laundry, lounge area, bed, bath, and balcony. Rad, right? Plus, you will have access to the main house so you can hangout with other guests whenever you want.

Stay at the Pacific House if you...

  • Want to be as close as possible to the beach and ocean
  • Enjoy garden and flora
  • Would like a code on the door to your room

Check out Outsite Pacific
Photo: Christina Wiese

3. The Lincoln House

Exterior Digs

The newest house to join our Outsite Venice Beach crew is nestled in a quiet part of Venice, just beyond Lincoln Boulevard. We opened this house in July of 2018 and it feels fresh and new. In fact, it was only built a couple of years ago!

The entrance to the house is tucked behind a landscaped garden with a large walkway leading to the front door. Behind the house, you’ll discover a private, tree-lined backyard (think Italian Cypress-esque trees), green grass, and a concrete patio with a massive outdoor dining table. For nature lovers, you’ll frequently hear birds singing about while hanging on the patio; you may even spot a hummingbird or two.

Photo: Gerardo Hernandez

Interior Goods

Going back to the front of the house, an enormous living room welcomes you and sets the tone for the rest of the house: modern and spacious.

Photo: Gerardo Hernandez

Much like the Dell and Pacific house, the common area is located on the ground level. The living area—complete with a comfy couch, chair, and 3 desks & work chairs—fades into the expansive kitchen and dining area. A palette of cool tans, grays, white, and pink accents bring the space to life and make for a serene work and living environment. You’ll also find small succulents and plants scattered throughout the roomy digs.

Adjacent to the living area, you’ll happen upon one private room, a shared bath, and a shared room featuring 2 twin beds. Closer to the dining room, take the stairs up and you’ll find a shared bath and 3 additional private rooms. Pro-Tip: Interested in a room with a private balcony? You’ll want to book Vienna or Carlton, the latter of which has its own private bath.

Photo: Gerardo Hernandez

Stay at the Lincoln House if you…

  • Want easy parking. There are two space available in the driveway, plenty of street parking, and most importantly, no street cleaning (every L.A. local’s dream situation).
  • Enjoy a quieter, neighborhood atmosphere
  • Thrive in spacious, modern spaces

Check out Outsite Lincoln

Photo: Christina Wiese

Whichever place you choose to stay at in Venice Beach, you really can’t go wrong. Dell, Pacific, and Lincoln all offer the typical Outsite amenities:

- Fast, reliable wifi

- Well-designed, comfortable rooms

- Workspaces throughout the house

- Well-equipped kitchen

- Linens and toiletries, including a towel

- Complimentary, on-site laundry

- Weekly cleaning of common areas by a professional cleaning service

And last but not least, at Outsite Venice Beach you’ll also have a local Community Manager—me!

I’m here to answer any questions, give local tips, and host a variety of events for house guests each week. We do everything from Kombucha Happy Hours and Taco Tuesdays to First Fridays in on Abbot Kinney where L.A.’s best food trucks descend on the beach town.

Ready to learn more about Outsite and the community we’re cultivating? Check out our Instagram Stories to see inside the houses. Questions? You can always hit me up at @cwiesey.

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