Outsite is going Members Only.

Outsite is becoming a Members Only platform for remote workers.

Published on
June 16, 2020

For the past 4 years, we've been working towards our mission of making it easier for our Members to have the freedom to live and work anywhere. The past 3 months has allowed us to slow down and reflect on how to improve what we offer in our Membership right now. In order to build a tighter knit, more diverse community, we are transforming Outsite into a Members Only platform of spaces, community and services for remote workers. 


Why we're changing to Members Only.

More accessible Membership.
COVID highlighted the importance of having a connected, global community, wherever you are. To grow the community we have, we're making Membership more accessible, so more people can access resources for location independence.

Members Only Spaces.
In addition to this, our Members have often remarked on and requested for Members Only Spaces - you'll notice some of our Spaces are already Members Only. However, there were still requests to make all Outsite Spaces exclusive to Members. In a Members Only Space, there's a higher chance of knowing the people you're sharing the space with, and it helps build stronger connections within the community.

Stronger Community.
By making Outsite a platform that's exclusive to Members, everyone in the community is truly invested in the concept of location independence. This creates a strong shared value system, uniting thousands of people around the world online and offline - even when we're not travelling.

Changes to Membership.

What happened to the old Membership?

Outsite Membership used to cost $249USD per year. It now costs $149USD per year, and $249 for lifetime Membership. This will make the Membership more accessible for all. If you are a current Outsite Member, you will now receive lifetime Membership.

What is lifetime Membership? 

Lifetime Membership means your Membership status is permanent.

Is there any difference in pricing for Spaces?  

No, there is no difference in nightly prices. You'll continue to receive Members Pricing, as well as the weekly and monthly discounts.

When does my Membership get renewed?

If you are already a Member at the time of the change, we are gifting you lifetime Membership. No more renewals.

What about Perks?

You'll see these referred to as Benefits on the website. Benefits refer to all the support you receive for your location independent lifestyle, including the Outsite Rewards program, Outsite Deals and Outsite Perks.

Where can I find the online Events?

All online events are posted in the Slack Community at the beginning of the month. 

What if I already have a booking and I am not a Member? 

We will honor existing reservations from non-Members. 

Can I bring an extra Guest who is not a Member?

Yes, we permit Members to have extra Guests who are non-Members.

You'll also see that we're increasing the number of online events.

We've been creating more online content for our Members, too. You'll see these advertised within our Members channels, email, and on social media.

Ready to become a Member? Here's how to apply.

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