Is coliving with Outsite sustainable?

Here's what Outsite are doing to reduce their environmental impact.

Published on
September 2, 2019

How sustainable is the digital nomad movement? Considering the carbon emissions created by each traveler, convenient coffee cups and food containers, not to mention the hordes encouraged to travel more by the influential Instagram photos, it's a constant wrestle with your environmental conscience knowing the impact of your lifestyle. This is why we're altering what we do at Outsite to create less of an impact on our environment.

One Tree Planted

For every Outsite booking made, we are planting one tree in Outsite locations like California, the Andes, and Indonesia. When you book with us, you'll be supporting reforestation projects around the world - check out more from One Tree Planted.

Recycle & Refuge

We compost and recycle as much possible in every Outsite location, avoid disposable products when possible, and provide messaging to help all Guests minimize their environmental impact while they stay with us.

In all of our locations we're working to ensure all coffee grounds are composted, and in Santa Cruz you'll be able to make the most of our herb and vegetable gardens. We're always working to create small changes in each location to better impact the community around us.

Sustainability and Events

We'll keep our events as zero waste as we can, always offer vegan options and work with the best sustainable and responsible suppliers. We also run at least 4 events a year to aid environmental awareness and education about the impact of the human race. We've previously hosted panels on sustainability, beach cleans, and there's always a vegan option in every catered Outsite event.

Want to discover more about what we're doing to preserve the environment around us? Make sure to keep a tab on our Events, or check out our sustainability page. We've also listed some of the best sustainable travel tips for when you're on the road - read now.

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