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My Personal Workation in... Nicaragua

Here at Outsite, we live and believe in the mottos we share on our website and blog. I took a recent workation in Nicaragua to get away and get focused.

Here at Outsite, we live and believe in the mottos we share on our website and blog. Though living and working at Outsite full time offers a great balance of work and play, I also sometimes need to get away and get focused.

Where to?

After spotting super cheap tickets ($300 round trip!) thanks to Travelpirates, I contacted a few friends and coworkers, and we packed our bags for a week in Nicaragua.

Nicaragua is a favorite destination for surfers, thanks to the 24/7 offshore winds that groom world class waves. With the large lake and those impressive volcanoes, it's also a paradise for nature lovers. It is the perfect spot to get away, spend some time on the waves, and gain inspiration from a change of scenery.


But what about remote work?

Part of my goal in taking a week to travel to Nicaragua was not just vacation – I also have important work in progress that I needed to accomplish. Finding a way to balance work and play in the right location was crucial to enjoying my trip.

While there's no coworking space or Outsite (yet), it was a surprisingly good environment for accomplishing the work I had to do! We based ourselves in comfortable Hacienda Iguana and Rancho Santana in the southwest coast with a half-dozen great beaches at close reach.

Both resorts boasted pretty decent wifi, obviously important when working remotely anywhere in the world.  I personally crunched a lot of work; here's a summary:

- One zoom team meeting
- 4 one to one meetings with team members
- 3 investors video calls
- Preparation of the next startup surf bus
- Refining Outsite financial model
- Getting in touch with Mark Cuban!
- Scouting potential new locations

Bottom line, if you want an easy tropical workation, Nicaragua passes the test! Should we open our next location there?

Words: Emmanuel Guisset // CEO

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