How To Find Remote Tech Jobs

Ditch the freelancer sites and instead, browse these websites with hundreds of remote tech jobs needing to be filled immediately.

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June 27, 2018

One of the things that draws a lot of people to tech is its potential for flexibility. Since many tech jobs can be done from anywhere you have wifi and an outlet, having tech skills opens up possibilities like working from home full-time, making a living from freelancing, or even becoming a digital nomad.

More and more companies are viewing remote and traveling talent as an asset. Spot CEO Steve Weiner comments,

"In order to build great products for our community of travelers, it doesn’t make sense to assemble everyone in the same office every single day. I think it’s important to encourage our employees to be nomadic and plug in from where they need to. We hope this will encourage passionate and talented people — regardless of where they live — to work with us."

If you're looking to find a long-term position with a single company, ditch the freelancer sites and start browsing these 11 job websites that feature remote tech jobs.


Stack Overflow

Topping the list is Stack Overflow, for the simple reasons that (A) tech is literally all they do, and (B) you don't have to sign up or pay anything to apply for jobs. If you're a developer, you're probably already familiar with Stack Overflow, but may not have known that they offered a jobs board. You'll have the most luck on this board if you're a developer or engineer.


Dribbble Jobs

If you're a designer of any kind, Dribbble Jobs is your remote jobs holy grail. They have an entire category dedicated to "Remote/Anywhere" jobs for designers, including UX/UI, product design, graphic design, and other specialties.


Working Nomads

Want some of the job search work done for you? Working Nomads sends daily or weekly emails with a curated list of remote jobs. Simply sign up for job alerts, check off the categories that interest you (some are design, development, and system administration), and they'll start delivering jobs newsletters.


Skip the Drive

Find a job on Skip the Drive and you'll get to be smug while your friends complain about their commutes. The website functions as a sort of automatic jobs board search engine, scanning other job sites for listings that match your category keyword (e.g. "development") and also refer to remote work/telecommuting.

Select a job from the Skip the Drive list and you'll be taken to that other site, where you can apply. Because it scans so many other boards, you won't miss much if you check here frequently. However, the keyword system isn't always perfect, and you may have to wade through some unrelated jobs or "partial" telecommute ones.


We Work Remotely

The tech-related categories at We Work Remotely are programming, DevOps & sysadmin, and design (they also have non-tech categories like customer support). The site is worth a daily check, but it's not like the bigger remote jobs sites where refreshing after 10 minutes will make new jobs show up—expect to see around 1-5 jobs a day posted in your category here.



With 50+ job categories, FlexJobs definitely doesn't only offer jobs in tech, but it's one of the biggest job sites out there with remote work opportunities. They screen each posting so you can be confident they're legitimate, and currently there are over 30,000 total positions listed on the website. The only catch? You have to pay to play. Fees start at $15/mo or $50/y, and you'll only be able to see a job's full details and apply when you're a member.



All the jobs here are remote, and they're well-curated by the Jobspresso team. Developers, designers, DevOps, and UX specialists will find the most success job-hunting here, and you don't have to create an account to get the info for applying to jobs.


Be sure to take full advantage of your new found freedom! Stay with Outsite and rock that new job, meet great people, all while you travel the world.


Words: Annie Brown // Remote Worker

Photographs: Outsite

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