900 Startups Hiring Remotely in 2019

Companies and start-ups that are hiring remotely in tech, operations, marketing and HR.

Wondering where to find a digital nomad job? You're not the only one. These companies and start-ups hiring remotely are ideal if you're looking for that digital nomad career.

The average worker spends 26 minutes a day commuting to and from work. If they spend that time on public transport every day, by the end of the year they will have spent 9 days on a bus, train or car, unpaid.

It's 2019, and priorities are changing.

Remotive is helping you find your new role this year - especially if you've been waiting to find that perfect remote job, whether you're in marketing, project management or development. Check out their list of 900 start-ups hiring remotely this year.

Want to find out more about working remotely as a digital nomad? Check out the most unexpected digital nomad jobs, or find out what the CEO of remotive.io got up to in Outsite NYC.

Words: Rodolphe Dutel // CEO Remotive.io

Photographs: Outsite

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