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7 Startups That Allow You to Work Remotely

The best places to look for startup jobs that let you work from anywhere - as told by a full-time startup remote worker.

I was lucky enough to be introduced to the concept of remote work early in my career - and from then on decided to "just say no" to the regular 9-to-5. Today, I am a full-time remote worker making upwards of 75K per year.

When anyone asks me on how to work remotely full-time, my advice is always the same. You really only need two things, an unwavering commitment to being remote and Angel List. 

For me, working in an office everyday for 8 hours and braving the rush hour commute is simply not an option. I made a decision in 2010 to only work remotely.   Now, I had to work in an office from time to time while I was starting my career in order to keep a roof over my head and fund my vegan diet. However, my desire to work remotely full-time was a constant motivation for me to work harder and acquire the necessary skills to make my goal a reality.    Lucky for me and many others, remote work has become more and more common especially among innovative new companies. Since 2014, more companies particularly in the United States and the United Kingdom have been integrating remote teams in their work force. Back then, remote workers or telecommuters comprised 10% to 15% of the workforce.   A study by Virgin Media Business Report estimates that by 2020 more than 60% of the workforce will be telecommuters. Today it is estimated that 30% to 45% of most US companies are composed of telecommuters - the majority of these are startups.   

But where do you find startups that allow you to work remotely? 

My number one choice is Angel List - AngelList is a U.S. website for startups, angel investors, and job-seekers looking to work at startups.  I find this site especially awesome, because you can narrow your search to only view startups who have listed “Remote OK” as well as select your preferred salary range.   

Here are some other websites to find startups for remote work:   

Remotive. helps 25,000+ remote workers and was founded by the former COO of Buffer. We are a big fan of Remotive here at Outsite as it is the largest and most comprehensive job listings especially for remote workers.          
CloudPeeps. Launched in 2015, CloudPeeps is a community, marketplace and platform that empowers freelancers and businesses to do their best work. They connect freelancers and professional service providers with top clients, in a seamless platform that makes it easy to manage relationships, payments and more.  
GitHub. This is a community where developers can access more than 24 million projects. GitHub encourages people to work wherever and however they want to produce the needed results.  
FlexJobs.There are over 50 career categories to choose from; freelance, full time, executive or entry level. The best part of FlexJobs is they qualify all job openings to make sure there are no risks in applying. There are more than 20,000 job openings to choose from.  
Skip The Drive. With a name that summarizes why it’s great to work remotely, Skip The Drive provides a good listing of remote jobs to choose from.  
Guru. Another fast-growing work community that allows you to create an online portfolio with your profile.   This trend is expected to continue well into the next 5 to 10 years. With globalization come the challenges of uncertainty, ambiguity and potential volatility. The approach is no longer to find fixed, mechanical solutions but adapt flexibility and mobility strategies into business development.   An increasing number of companies are acknowledging the power of digital technology and the influence of the Internet to bridge oceans and find the best talent in the world.           

Words:  Annie Brown // Freelance Content Writer 

Photographs: Outsite

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