Tips for Digital Nomads in Switzerland

Where to go if you're working remotely in the Swiss Alps.

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June 10, 2019

I didn’t expect to fall in love with Switzerland like I did. Before going, I had very little idea about what I might find. Once I got there and took that initial train ride to the Outsite house - I was hooked. I knew Switzerland would have a place in my heart forever.

As someone who had never been to Europe, speaks only English, and was travelling alone - I was honestly so nervous about getting around + finding things to do. If you check any of those same boxes, let me put your mind at ease:

  1. Switzerland is very English friendly. All signs (including in the airport) have English translations - even the next stop announcements on the train were repeated in English. I had NO issues getting around, despite not being able to speak or read a word of German!
  2. I felt 100% safe the entire time. The Swiss are used to tourists so everyone I met was kind and happy to help me out.
  3. The train system is INCREDIBLE and makes it so easy to get around. You can easily explore Switzerland, Germany, and even Italy if you hop on the train!

All of my worries went out the window as soon as I got there and I had a once-in-a-lifetime trip. Even though I stayed for 7 nights at the incredible Outsite house, I still feel like I haven’t seen enough of Switzerland and I highly recommend you go. Here are my best tips:

Get a train pass!

Like I said, the trains run so smoothly. Even if it was a 2 hour ride, I was actually excited to take the trip every time. You’ll be passing through charming towns nestled in the shadow of incredible mountains - the views were like nothing I’ve ever seen before. There were times when we were so high in the mountains that I felt like we could touch the clouds.

My best piece of advice? Get the SBB app to track your rides. Follow your trip on the app and you’ll be able to see exactly when to get off the train and which platform to be at next. It’ll be your best friend when you’re exploring the Alps.

What’s Around

I was amazed at how close everything is once you arrive in Klosters. On the 2 minute walk from the train station to the Outsite house, you pass the local coffee shop + the grocery store, Coop. Everything you need is only minutes away.

Kaffee Klatsch will be your new hang. They have 2 in Klosters, each with a different feel but both are perfect for getting work done when you don’t feel like hanging at the house. They have great coffee and free wifi so you can grab a bit of fuel and get stuff done.

Want to find out more? Check out our Neighbourhood Guide to Klosters.

Eating + Drinking

Because of the full kitchen, we cooked for most of the trip! Coop was an amazing grocery store with tons of great options and fresh baked goods. Soft, flaky croissants were our staple in the mornings and we loved having a communal dinner at night in front of the huge terrace window.

If you want to pop out to a restaurant, be sure to go to Schneiders Davos. I had an incredible pizza that I’m still dreaming about and trying to recreate to this day.

There is also the Hotel Chesa Grischuna right next to the Outsite house, where some of Hollywood’s Elite have stayed when coming to Switzerland. If you want to get dressed up and go to a nice meal, that’s definitely the place to go. After dinner, you can pop out to one of the many Piano Bars in town! During ski season + summertime, the place really comes alive.


Klosters has plenty of cool, little shops. My housemate and I had so much fun exploring the antique stores. You should also walk around the whole town. It takes an hour to do the full loop and as you walk, you really get to experience how it would feel to live nestled in the mountains. There are plenty of great photo opportunities so DON’T forget your camera. Maybe drag your housemate along to get some shots of you, like I did!

Don’t forget to visit Zurich - you HAVE to see the Old Town. The views from the train on your ride alone are worth the trip. Try to sit on the right-hand side - you’ll be looking at stunning water + mountain scenery! Zurich has tons of little markets, antique shops, and cafes. The cobblestone streets and little alleyways were so fun to explore.

Between my time in Klosters and my day trips to Zurich, I really feel like I got the best of both worlds - a beautiful, ski town in the Alps and the hustle-bustle of the main city. Whether you’re a first time European traveler or a pro, Switzerland will blow you away!

If you have any questions, you can get in touch with Outsite or shoot me a message on Instagram. I’m more than happy to share my Klosters tips + maybe we’ll run into each other there down the road! I’ll definitely be back.

Words: Meghan Kowalyshen // @whereismeghaan

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