Top Lisbon cafes to work in (with Wifi)

Where to find good coffee, Wifi, and the top places to work in Lisbon.

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October 25, 2018

If you’ve just landed in Lisbon, you’re probably wondering where you can nurse a cortado and your emails simultaneously. You’re in luck: Lisbon is full of great cafes to work in, including fast Wifi, good coffee and healthy breakfasts. Here’s Outsite’s rundown of the top 11.

Last Updated: October 2021

1. Outsite Cowork Cafe, Cais do Sodre

In the heart of the city, and on the ground floor of Outsite Lisbon, you'll find Outsite Cowork Cafe. This is a dedicated space for remote workers to work independently or collaboratively. A designated work area with hot desks, call space and conference room all lend to its productive atmosphere. The menu is crafted with local and healthy options as well as sustainably sourced coffee on tap. Check out the various cafe passes available.

Wifi: Good
Vegan Friendly: Very
Power outlets: Everywhere

2. Melbourne Coffee House, Estrela

Serving specialty coffee and a menu composed of healthy but hearty meals and light pastries, this Australian inspired cafe is great place to cozy up and get some work done. They also sell their own coffee, homemade granola, and peanut butter.

Wifi: Good
Vegan Friendly: Very (think acai bowls, veggie burgers, and more)
Power outlets: Limited. Find one near the window bar, and the other on the wall to the far left.

3. Comoba, Cais do Sodre

Bear with us: we know this place is hipster, and it can get busy. But if you manage to get in during the quiet hours, the desks at the back are ideal for a few laptop hours, and the coffee is amazing. Not a coffee fan? Try a charcoal, beetroot, turmeric or matcha latte.

Wifi: Good
Vegan Friendly: Very (jackfruit burritos and smoothie bowls)
Power outlets: Minimal, find them to the left at the back.

5. Curva, Intendente/Graça

Boasting a cool atmosphere in the middle of one of Lisbon's up and coming areas, Curva makes a great place to set up shop for a bit and get some work done. They serve coffee, wine, and small plates here, and they also have a gallery and shop selling books, products, and art made by Portuguese artists.

Wifi: Good
Vegan Friendly: Yes
Power outlets: There are a few available

5. The Block Cafe, Saldanha  

They describe themselves as a ‘friendly space between a private club, a traditional coworking office and a coffee shop’. They’re right. This is also one of the only places in Lisbon to accept Bitcoin - it’s the place to be to discuss anything crypto.

Wifi: Great
Vegan Friendly: Very (jackfruit burritos and smoothie bowls)
Power outlets: Minimal, find them to the left at the back.

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6. wishslowcoffee house, LX Factory, Alcantara

If you’re more of a V60, cold brew or drip coffee fan, make a beeline for this shop huddled inside LX Factory. You could easily spend all day here, as you’re next door to plenty of restaurants, shops and bars too.

Wifi: Great
Vegan Friendly: With a completely vegan brunch plate, veggies won’t go hungry.
Power outlets: Yes, they’re located on the front and back walls.

7. Tartine, Baixa

Not to be confused with the Tartine of San Francisco. That said, it’s the place to be for baked goods - they make everything fresh in house, so you’ll be greeted by stacks of croissants, pasteis and hot buns before you head up to the mezzanine level.

Wifi: Good
Vegan Friendly: Very.
Power outlets: Great availability - just make sure you’re sat by one of the walls, or the desk facing the window.

8. Fabrica, Baixa

If you’re fortunate enough to not need Wifi for your work, or perhaps you’ve already invested in a data heavy SIM card so you can Hotspot, Fabrica’s a beautiful place to wile away a few hours. Laptops aren’t kindly received: keep this one for writing your next novel, studying or journalling.

This is also one of the best places in Lisbon to buy coffee equipment, filters and beans.

Wifi: Non-existent
Vegan Friendly: Yes.
Power outlets: Decent availability.  

9. Copenhagen Coffee Lab, Príncipe Real

Scandinavian style, Brazilian coffee and Portuguese pastries make this place worth the walk uphill to Principe Real. As it gets busier, they do request remote workers to sit toward the back (understandable), but that means it’s pretty toasty during summer.

Wifi: Good
Vegan Friendly: Yes.
Power outlets: Not many - sit towards the back for power outlets.

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10. Seagull Method, Príncipe Real

Príncipe Real is also home to Heim Cafe's (another great spot) sister restaurant, The Seagull Method. This laptop friendly cafe is known for their brunch and seriously great coffee. It's a great place to set up shop and get some work done.

Wifi: Good
Vegan Friendly: Limited.
Power outlets: Good availability throughout the cafe

11. Brick Cafe, Intendente

Lisbon doesn’t have many hidden cafes, but this place could pass as one. Head through Intendente Square and up the back streets to Rua da Mocambique to find this gem. Big portions, affordable prices, good Wifi and strong coffee awaits. If you're planning on staying in this neighborhood, check out Outsite Lisbon - Intendente.

Wifi: Good
Vegan Friendly: Make sure to specify when you order.
Power outlets: A few located around the walls. Usually shared by other laptop wielding workers.

12. Marquise, Bairro Alto

This is a beautifully designed cafe and concept store serving coffee, pastries, and brunch. They have ample indoor seating, as well as a cozy patio out back. They were recently nominated as one of the best bakeries in Lisbon, which is to say, their bread should not be missed.

Wifi: Good
Vegan Friendly: Very
Power outlets: There's an abundance of outlets inside.

Considering a trip to Lisbon? Bookmark Outsite’s coliving spaces in Cais do Sodre or Intendente - you’ll be next door to some of the best places to eat and drink in Lisbon. While you're there, stop by Outsite Cowork Cafe, where you’ll have your own coworking space. Check it out.

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